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  • George
    ***** In other words, Zip, you seem to believe that BB knows what he s doing, right? Gosh. I have the same feeling. ***** As I ve said before, I can no longer
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 28, 2006
      ***** In other words, Zip, you seem to believe that BB knows what he's doing, right? Gosh. I have the same feeling.
      ***** As I've said before, I can no longer allow my gut reaction to guide my opinion of any player personnel move made by our team. You presented an excellent chronology of the many player departures which gut reaction led me, and many other members of this group, to a wringing of hands, and a wiping of furrowed brow. "How in the world will we fill the hole created by this?" And, in each case, somehow, we did.
      ***** Now, as Bama has said, no man is infallible - not even BB. But his successes certainly far outnumber his mistakes Winning 3 of the last 5 Super Bowls is irrefutable evidence of that fact!
      ***** While I make no claim of understanding how he and Pioli do it, I am convinced that their system/philosophy works. For that reason, I refuse to panic over the loss, or possible loss, of any player on this team. I trust that BB knows who is truly irreplacable, and who is not. Those who are, like Brady and Seymour, will be given those "league leading" contracts. Those who are not, like Eaton, Woody, Milloy, and Law, will move on to follow the money, and leave the Lombardies behind.
      ***** Will the losses of Givens and Willie (I'm really going to miss him!) mean the end of the dynasty? I don't believe that for a minute. I have no idea who will fill the apparent holes at LB, CB, and WR that we all see. But I trust BB's judgement and forsight, and I'll do so until the day when this team looks like a loser, with no chance to get into the playoffs. And I've been here long enough to remember that feeling!
      ***** Part of the joy of being a Patriots fan in the BB era is in watching the solutions to the problems we face unfold. I miss the days of being able to "feel smart" by predicting what will happen. But those days didn't put Lombardi Trophies in the case. I can't predict more than a minute percentage of the moves BB will make. But this feels a lot better!

      Sawadee Khrap


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      How often can we go to the well of not replacing quality players that want big dollars?

      I'm not sure that's the entirety of the philosophy. Whom after all, have we not replaced in such a scenario? We lost Eaton, Mitchell and Spires but I'd say we replaced the DL details very well - including re-signing Seymour as too valuable to lose. We resigned Brady which is no small thing and ofter overlooked in those examples.

      We let Smith go and grabbed Dillon - we've even buitl a back-up plan there.

      We added Colvin and it might be said that Colvin's full return last year combines with Vrabel to replace Willie in advance.

      As Jefferson and Patten moved on to other teams we added Branch and Givens. We use the draft well and generally seem to have a player plan for each player we choose to lose.

      You asked why not re-sign Givens if we were going to be so challenged with Branch and I'd point out Givens got a rather big deal as an unrestricted free agent - resigning him would have been challenging and provided a player not quite as good as Branch in my mind. To that end it would have made Branch all the more challenging and at a 5-6 Million a year offer we have not exactly low-balled Branch even if the market might pay him more.

      During games with Branch absent our team definitely struggled more offensively and that is where I thought Givens proved he was not a number one receiver. Jackson, I think, looks to very much replace Givens but I still think that for the short term we will need Branch quality.

      Go Pats!

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      > too many times? I am wondering if the Patriots method of dealing with
      > established vets from a contract standpoint has run it's course. How
      > often can a team let go off players like Milloy, Law, Vinatieri, Givens,
      > McGinest, replace them with cheaper/lesser players, and expect to
      > maintain the same quality of play? Maybe add Branch to the list,
      > next? No doubt that Belichick's method worked very well for a period
      > of 4-5 years, but how many individual pieces can you lose, without
      > quality replacements, before the machine breaks down? I am not
      > panicking over this, but can't help but think that perhaps, like all
      > cycles in the NFL, the Belichick method is going to die a slow death.
      > As for Branch, if the Pats were going to play hard-ball with him, why
      > not have re-signed Givens? One thing I will say in Branch's defense, I
      > would hold out for the up front money because history shows that the
      > Pats won't keep him around for the back end paydays. Another thing is
      > that there just aren't that many quality #1 WRs available out there . .
      > . at least ones that aren't head cases. On the other hand, maybe the
      > Pats are sort of discounting big things from the offense THIS year (as
      > Dillon plays out the string) and is looking forward to Maroney, Jackson,
      > Caldwell, Watson to develop with our young OL and star QB for the next
      > several years. If that is the case, then it doesn't make sense to lock
      > Branch up for big money this year. I have to agree that there is no
      > way I want a Porter or Lelie on my team . . . but it sure would have
      > been fun watching TO for a year in a Pats uni. :)
      > -bill [ BRADY 12 ]
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