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  • George
    ***** Wonderful job by our friends at CHFF. Thanks, Steve. ***** Of course, you ve got to know what my favorite piece of rebuttal was, right? Factless sees
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2006
      ***** Wonderful job by our friends at CHFF. Thanks, Steve.

      ***** Of course, you've got to know what my favorite piece of rebuttal was,
      "Factless sees the "tuck rule;" the Cold, Hard Football Facts see a
      vicious head-slap by Charles Woodson that should have been a 15-yard penalty
      and that, in the confusion, never got called. Go ahead. Look at the replay,
      Skippy. Woodson jarred the ball loose with a vicious and illegal headslap.
      The great travesty of the play was that Woodson almost got away with this.
      Watch the video again and see for yourself."

      ***** I was among the first, and certainly among the most vocal, here to
      raise this point, shortly after the game had finished. As CHFF says, "watch
      the video again and see for yourself." Woodson's arm hits Brady's helmet
      before it hits Brady's arm, causing the ball to come out. This is the exact
      opposite of the sequence of events when Ray Hamilton hit Kenny Stabler,
      forcing an incompletion on that infamous play in 1976. The bad call made in
      1976 was, and continues to be, virtually ignored by the majority of the
      media and fans outside of New England. Yet the missed call on Woodson is
      rarely, if ever, noted when the "tuck rule" play is regurgitated! The
      continued poor reportage of each of these plays, individually, pisses me
      off. Combined, due to the ironic relationship of the two, it flat out
      infuriates me! (And us old, retired guys with high BP shouldn't get so
      excited.) :-)

      ***** In any case, back on subject, I consider Brady and BB to be the best
      in the game at their respective jobs today. Are they the "best ever" in the
      NFL? I don't know. I think, as Steve has often said, that it's difficult, if
      not impossible, to compare players from different eras. There are just too
      many variables. I would say that the 1985 Bears were the most dominant
      defensive team I've ever seen for one particular season. But would they have
      been as dominant in any other season, with different players and coaches on
      other teams? Same with any team or individual performance. I think it can
      only be graded as "the best" in it's time.

      ***** I'm more than happy to know that we Patriots fans have had the
      pleasure of having "the best" in many categories play for our team during
      the past few seasons, in particular (and a few in less successful "team"
      years also). I look forward to the very likely possibility that we'll have
      that pleasure again, many times, in the seasons ahead; and to adding the
      weight and glitter of more Lombardi Trophies to the case at Gillette

      Sawadee Khrap

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      The link is to a story that Skip Brainless wrote saying it's ridiculous to
      suggest that da Prince is better than Montana and/or BB is better than
      Parcells. What's funny is the case he tries to make, Cold Hard Football
      Facts rips up.


      Steve - is the offseason over yet?

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