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I give the Pats' draft an A minus

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  • Joseph Theban
    When I said there were no running backs worth the Pats 1st-round pick, I went by multiple publications that showed Maroney s weight at between 205 and 208
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8 4:34 PM
      When I said there were no running backs worth the Pats' 1st-round pick, I went by multiple publications that showed Maroney's weight at between 205 and 208 lbs.  When I saw other media showing him at 217 (with the frame to hold 225 lbs per Mike Mayock of NFL Network), I was happy we picked him.
      I think we had an absolute haul on offense.  Barring injuries, the offense should be very explosive next season.
      The only reason I didn't give the Pats an "A" is I'd like to have gotten some high-round corner/linebacker help.
      Regarding Chad Jackson, I read that he was in a short passing, ball-control offense in his final season in college, so that explains his 88 catches and a lower yards-per-reception average.  The previous season, their offense "let it fly" more often, and his average was 22.3 yards per catch.  So, he can play both styles.
      I read that Thomas and Mills can play H-back and long snapper.  Mills won't be a tight end, but he'll catch everything in sight - as will Thomas.  I hope this means no more Seymour on offense (where he got hurt at least once).  How often do the Pats put 3 tight ends on the field at the same time?
      O'Callaghan is a monster.  I read that one publication projected him to left tackle!  I'll be satisfied if he gives us solid backup work at right tackle.  Maybe he'll be our "road grader" starting right tackle some day.
      According to USA Today Sports Weekly, Mincey was considered a marginal prospect at defensive end.  However, according to them, he was switched to outside linebacker for the Hula Bowl, got 3 sacks and was named defensive MVP.
      Maybe LeKevin Smith can back up Vince.

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