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RE: [patriotzip] BB had Gramatica in his pocket all the time?

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  • Don Diamant
    I know it s not a popular opinion but I m hoping I m right on with it like I was with Bledsoe. I was never a Bledsoe fan. Regardless, I m hoping for a better
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 9, 2006

      I know it’s not a popular opinion but I’m hoping I’m right on with it like I was with Bledsoe.  I was never a Bledsoe fan.  Regardless, I’m hoping for a better season than last year and still have the faith that BB can bring it all back home again.


      I saw your “No…good” interview on the NFL channel last week.  It was hilarious.  The show was titled “Patriot Games”.




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      Hey Don,


        I'm not sure I can in any way support that we really have a chance at an upgrade over Vinatierri.  I don't know what made the relationship so strained in the seeming at the end but I'll support this time right on through it - but not with the belief we are upgrading.  Adam's "Adamatic" clutch nature is something tremendously rare in the NFL kicker realm.  I can't envision, though hopefully I'm wrong, having the same level of confidence in any other kicker.  Will it ultimately be better for the team?  Probably as that's why BB whom I do trust enabled this situation but for me Adam was the most confidence I could ever imagine having and I'll miss that very much.




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      Was Adam really angry about being made the highest paid kicker in football when he was franchised?  If my company made me the highest paid person in my position I wouldn’t be angry I’d be dancing all the way to the bank.  If that was really his attitude then perhaps it is good that he is gone. 


      I’m looking forward to seeing Martin Grammatica and seeing if he still has it.  If he’s back to true form we may have a significant upgrade over Vinateri. 


      It still amazes me that three brothers are kickers for professional football teams.  But the three Grammatica brothers are exactly that.  One is a kicker in the AFL but it’s still a professional football league.




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      Might be the reason why BB/Pioli didn't go after Adam
      Vinatieri harder?  Defies all logic that the Pats
      would let Adam walk without a plan in place.  Seems
      they make a token offer without any guaranteed money.
      Perhaps that was the insult that sent Adam over the
      edge.  He was already ticked off about getting
      franchised.  Signed his offer in less than 45 minutes.

      Gramatica has been working out for a year in Florida ,
      Suppossedly has been hitting them from long distance
      but without any competition.

      Bottom line: Gramatica is a veteran kicker, with Super
      Bowl experience.  Former ProBowl kicker and scored as
      many as 128 pts in a season.  He is not a cold weather
      kicker, which as Bama has pointed out, is a big
      question mark (ski mask and the temp was only 27
      degrees).  I fully agree we will spend one of our
      Supplemental picks (#206 or #207) on a college kicker
      (I hope its Huston from Ohio St ).

      "It's beocome quite apparent, Bill Belichick could put Diet Pepsi Machine in his secondary and everything will still be copasetic." - Rich Eisen NFL Network

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