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Re: Emotions, Fan Favorites and Great Memories

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  • D Malachi Penney
    Great post. It is too easy to get caught up in the emotions of watching fan faves walk out the door. I m sorry to see them go but hopefully we ll see some
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      Great post. It is too easy to get caught up in the emotions of
      watching fan faves walk out the door. I'm sorry to see them go but
      hopefully we'll see some new faces that we'll come to love just as

      Right now, I'm most worried about Rodney Harrison and if he can't
      come back who will step up and bring the same crushing physical and
      emotional smack-down the way he did. [keeping fingers crossed that
      he can play again]


      > Has it been two weeks into free agency under the new
      > CBA? It seems like an eternity. The pain of losing
      > three key contributors to our teams success over the
      > last four seasons has our emotions running very high.
      > Lets take the emotions and our fan loyalty to our
      > favorite players out of the equation, and look
      > strictly at the COLD HARD FACTS.
      > David Givens - The Patriots had a choice, sign David
      > Givens to a large contract and forget about any chance
      > of re-signing Deion Branch or let Givens walk away to
      > a large Free Agent contract. If the new CBA was not
      > in place, the Patriots would have had a better chance
      > of re-signing Givens. However, each team was flush
      > with cash. Givens realized this possibility last year
      > and rightfully refused to sign a long term contract.
      > I don't begrudge Givens for getting his money. He was
      > bypassed by every team in the NFL, and went out and
      > proved what a good player he really was. Of all the
      > players we lost this year, he may be the most
      > difficult to replace. He was very reliable, catching
      > many passes for first downs and delivering crushing
      > downfield blocks.
      > Willie McGinest - I was devaststed when he signed on
      > with Cleveland. I thought the Pats could have made a
      > decent offer and retained him. I don't think it ever
      > should of come to letting him go and allowing the
      > league to set his value. BB/Pioli blew this aspect of
      > McGinest's Free Agency. Willie enjoyed one of his
      > best seasons, one in which he was unusually healthy.
      > His loss will be felt more in the locker room than
      > neccessarily on the field. I felt this was going to be
      > his last season anyway, and my early projections for
      > the upcoming draft were made with an eye toward
      > finding a replacement anyway. That is now a priority.
      > Adam Vinatieri - A matter of guaranteed money and long
      > term security vs declining skills and health concerns.
      > Fact is that Vinatieri was not the kicker he was two
      > years ago. Everyone noticed his kickoffs were short.
      > He adjusted a bit this year and made his kicks more of
      > a line drive, reducing hang time, and making it easier
      > for the opponents to get good starting field position.
      > He was also not called upon to make many attempts at
      > long field goals. His FG percentage was down this
      > year as well. Nobody will ever question his ability
      > to kick the clutch, game winning field goal and he
      > will always be remembered for what he has accomplished
      > here (snow bowl, and game winning FG's in SB's 36 and
      > 38). Could the Patriots have communicated better? I am
      > sure they could have. The bottom line is that he
      > didn't kick like the highest paid kicker in the
      > league, there fore he shouldn't receive the pay the
      > highest kicker should get. The contract he signed in
      > Indy was slightly larger than what he was offered
      > here, with the major difference in the amount the Pats
      > would guarantee ( which was none). He will lose the
      > opportunity to gain outside revenue from endorsements
      > he enjoyed here. He also gave up what could have been
      > a very lucrative post football career here in New
      > England as a sports legend by signing with the arch
      > enemy Colts. Was it worth it?
      > Tom Ashworth, Matt Chatham, Tim Dwight, Christian
      > Fauria ... God Bless them all ... I can't believe the
      > money each of them got ... they hit the market when
      > the market was flush with new found money and AI can't
      > blame them for getting theirs.
      > Are we a better team today, obviously not. Are we as
      > devastated as some think, no. We will replace these
      > players and move on. Look at our schedule next season
      > and tell me we won't have a real chance at making the
      > playoffs. Even the 6th place team in the AFC is better
      > than the best team in the NFC!
      > "It's beocome quite apparent, Bill Belichick could put Diet Pepsi
      Machine in his secondary and everything will still be copasetic." -
      Rich Eisen NFL Network
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