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Draft Projections

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  • Mark
    I know its early and Free Agency will effect how teams draft. I like to project who I would take if I were the GM. I use two ranking systems and pick
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2006
      I know its early and Free Agency will effect how teams
      draft. I like to project who I would take if I were
      the GM. I use two ranking systems and pick according
      to the Patriots selections. In addition I have
      factored in the Compensatory Picks as well based upon
      the projection that Miguel proivided.

      Great Blue North Top 200
      21 Manny Lawson DE/LB NC St.
      52 Darrell Bing SS USC
      75 Jerious Norwood RB Miss St
      86 Jason Avany WR Mich
      106 Garrett Mills FB/TE Tulsa
      118 Mike Haas WR Oregon St
      137 Montavious Stanley DT Louisville
      194 Wil Montgomery C Virginia Tech
      206 Tim McGarigle ILB Northwestern *
      207 Jeremy Bloom WR Colorado **
      228 Brad Butler OT Vorginia *

      * Taken from NFL Draft Scout since GBN does not list
      beyong #200 yet

      ** Not listed in top 200

      NFL Draft Scout
      21 Manny Lawson DE/LB NC St.
      52 Jerious Norwood RB Miss St
      75 Dusty Dvoracek DT Oklahoma
      86 Jason Avant WR Mich
      106 Mike Haas WR Oregon St
      118 Andrew Whitworth OT LSU
      137 Jeremy Bloom WR Colorado
      194 Dion Byrun CB Ohio
      206 Garrett Mills FB/TE Tulsa
      207 Tim McGarigle ILB Northwestern
      228 Wil Montgomery C Virginia Tech

      As you can see there is a wide disparity of when the
      two "experts" think Bloom, Mills, and Momtgomery will
      be drafted. I realize I have 3 WR's listed in what is
      considered a bad year for WR's. However, Avant and
      Haas were the two WR's that stuck out to me in
      reviewing the combine, especially Avant. The ball
      stuck to Avants large hands. He has a reputation for
      running great routes and he is big. Haas is more of a
      vertical receiver. Bloom is a curioity pick that
      could pay off big time. He missed all last year
      because the NCAA banned him from playing. He was
      receiving money from endorsements for the US Ski Team
      and competed in Torino in Moguls skiing. He went from
      the Olympics to the combine and posted a 4.49 with a
      weeks training. He had 7 plays at Colorado of over 75
      yards and is a great punt returner.

      Norwood was the best back in the SEC and has only
      fumbled 4 times in his three years as a starter for a
      not very good Mississippi St team. He fumbled once in
      last 17 games.

      Lawson is a Willie replacement (hopefully not this
      year). He is one of the fastest risers on the draft
      board after his spectatcular peformance at the

      Mills is small for TE at a little over 6' 1". However
      he is a great pass catcher and a moive to FB is what
      is being projected. He is compared to Larry Centers
      for his pass catching ability.

      Stanley has some imjury concerns but if healthy je
      could step in for Wilfork and give him a breather.

      McGarigle was a finalist for the Butkus award and has
      to be smart if he went to Northwestern.

      Byrum has good speed and may be a bit of a sleeper.

      Whitworth is a big mobile LT 4 year starter at LSU and
      noone has started more games for LSU in their

      Dvoracek has a nasty streak to him. He sat out all
      last year for disciplinary reasons. He has been
      acquitted of those charges. He showed in the Senior
      Bowl that he has what it takes tio play at the next
      level. He also had a great combine workout.

      Montgomery is very strong tying the previous record of
      44 reps at 225#'s. He is also considered very smart
      and heady player that can play OG as well.

      Butler I threw in here because he is the guy that gave
      Mathias Kiwinuka the cheapshot to his knee and
      eventually got him to lose his composure and get him
      thrown out of the game. That game was suppossed to be
      the great matchup of D'Brickshaw Ferguson vs Kiwanuka.
      Ferguson was hurt and Kiwanuka got manhandled by
      Butler. That was before the cheap shot to the back of
      Kiwanuka's leg. He is worth the gamble.

      "It's beocome quite apparent, Bill Belichick could put Diet Pepsi Machine in his secondary and everything will still be copasetic." - Rich Eisen NFL Network

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