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Re: [patriotzip] Halftime

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  • George
    Well, Brad, I couldn t disagree with you more on the music . For me, hard rock is just a step above rap. It s noise. As hard as my music gets is The Eagles,
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 5, 2006
      Well, Brad, I couldn't disagree with you more on the "music". For me, hard rock is just a step above rap. It's noise. As "hard" as my music gets is The Eagles, and a very limited selection of some other rock bands, like CCR's "Proud Mary", etc..
      As for the game, see the note I just posted. The officials suck, as usual.

      Bob George <bobg@...> wrote:
      1.  Holmgren is outcoaching the hell out of Cowher, at least up until that last drive.  Cowher has no concept of an offense and has thus far no answer for the SeaChicken defense.
      2.  The only reason Pittsburgh leads is because of costly penalties and a 37-yard pass to Ward.  That touchdown to Jackson was a terrible call; you might as well call pushoffs on all passes.  That was like Troy Brown on the final drive of SB 38.  A penalty wiped out another long gainer to Jackson.  That pass to Ward on 3rd and 28 was a crappy play by Boulware at the worst possible time; no WR should have been allowed to catch a floating pass inside the 5 in that situation.
      3.  Do you get the impression that the officials are as pro-Steelers as the crowd is?
      4.  Why did Holmgren call for that run on the last drive?  It's almost like he wanted to run out the clock instead of score.  That play made no sense at all.
      5.  Adjustments:  SEA needs to finish drives and keep hammering away at the PIT cornerbacks.  Run Alexander only on 2nd and short until the 4th quarter.  Maintain poise on defense and don't let Big Ben get into a rhythm.
      6.  Now for one of my all-time favorite bands!  Go Mick!

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