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Re: Our new coordinator

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  • Ed Bryant
    When I was pushing Jim Bates these last several days, I was motivated by the thought that Bates would stay, like Dante stays, and that if he chose to come here
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      When I was pushing Jim Bates these last several days, I was motivated by the thought that Bates would stay, like Dante stays, and that if he chose to come here as a coordinator, he would stimulate continued growth on the part of Tom Brady, who would do well, as Michael Jordan and Jerry Rice always did, to try consciously to get better year after year.  Bates's Miami defenses always gave Brady issues.
      I also had Dean Pees confused with a much younger coach, with very dark hair, and a lot of it, whom I believe to be a strength coach. 
      Reading Pees resume assures me that we will not be losing him a year from now. 
      I am concerned that former Cleveland Brown ballboy and former Kent State punter Ken Walter will weasel his way back onto the roster as a kind of Todd Sauerbrun on special teams.  Otherwise, I trust Coach Pees will be good at his job, and will stay with us beyond 2006. 
      Otherwise, we should just remember what Larry Hagman told Aladdin: unless you specify, you may well wind up with a man genie!

      "RandyZ. Pierce" <alaric02@...> wrote:
      I think for the first time in a bit that I disagree with you Bru.  I think that the linebackers integrate so much into those coverage schemes that it is unlikely Pees would not in fact be well versed on those schemes.  The defensive coaches berak down the game plan together and I'm certain he may not have all the answers but with a bit more experience under his belt than Mangini he should be bale to bridge the gap reasonably well and I expect it to be a smaller gap.  Obviously there were reasons BB chose Mangini over Pees but I have confidence BB named him because of his confidence in unduerstanding the schemes.  I think Pepper was sent to the DL to increase his experience and that someday Pepper may be slated for such things though he probably needs more secondary work and experience too.
      Of course if we never name an OC other teams can't steal them right! ;-)
      Go Pats!
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      I think the coverage schemes are the most complicated part of the defense.  Not sure how good a LB or DL coach would know them.  He could be groomed for the spot but he can't stroll in and run it immediately IMNSHO.  BB will run the D.  This new staff will be a serious test of BB's mentoring skills.
      The BrewGnat

      Frank <frank.dana@...> wrote:
      You don't think Pepper Johnson could cut it? He played in Bill's
      system, and has several years in as linebackers coach and DL coach.
      Pees has also been mentioned on this board, and elsewhere. I guess he
      goes way back with BB also, but I don't know anything about him.

      Your theory of naming an OC and taking the DC duties himself
      certainly sounds logical, if he feels no one on the staff is ready. I
      guess he's qualified.  ;)
      I don't think he'll go outside, and try to break someone new into the


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, David Brunat <brewgnat@y...> wrote:
      >   Losing Mangini was a serious blow to the team.  He was a seamless
      transition to DC with RAC's departure leaving only a vacant OC spot. 
      BB did not want to change offenses so he was the defacto OC with a
      couple of guys to help out.  I thought when you sum it all up at the
      end of the season the staff had done a respectable job in spite of
      losing their long time OC and DC.
      >   I see this situation as the reverse of what happened last year. 
      I believe we will see one of BB's assistants raised to OC and BB will
      take on the role of DC so that we don't have to change the defense.
      >   There is no heir apparent for DC.  The most likely candidate is
      the current DB coach whose name I sadly can't recall (there's a vote
      of confidence).  One year in the defensive scheme is not good enough
      to take on the DC role.  I do not believe anyone can just stroll in
      off the street and take on thia task.  It is too complex and takes
      some experience in the scheme to run it properly.  Someone with a
      similar knowledge can come in and be groomed but no one can take the
      reigns immediately.  BB's approach to the OC job last year and his
      faith in this defense leads me to this conclusion.
      >   Even BB must realize he can't do both OC and DC, that would be
      insane.  Of the 2 positions, I believe he can get an acceptable
      replacement for OC.  BB was not calling all of the plays on the
      field.  He had 2 and sometimes 3 guys helping him.  If he wants to
      continue running the same offense and salvage the defense he must
      turn over OC to one of these assistants.  This is the most logical
      approach for BB and his most likely approach based on his past moves.
      >   The BrewGnat
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