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Playoff Musings for the AFC

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    As Mr. Levine s andBellichick s will tell us the first goal is to play well against the Jets and take the game tonight. It is equally valuable as a fan musing
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2005
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      As Mr. Levine's andBellichick's will tell us the first goal is to play well against the Jets and take the game tonight.  It is equally valuable as a fan musing to wish for a powerful performance and victory in both of our remaining games such that we enter the playoffs with a top of the line performing team.  This is a reasonable goal and would ensure the Pats finish as the third or fourth seed since Indy and Denver now have clinched their first and second seeding respectively.
      The Bengals play Kansas City whom has a slim shot at playoffs which hinges first upon their defeating the Bengals.  If the Bengals lose the Pats wold have the third seed with their desired pair of victories over the Jets and Dolphins.  Bengals as the fourth seed would mean the Pats host the number 6 seed.  That seed belongs to Pittsburgh if it can beat Detroit and would belong to Kansas City otherwise (since it presumes KC beat the Bengals to make the Pats the three seed).  If the Pats are the fourth seed then they host Jacksonville - there is no toher possiblity there.
      So the Pats could host the Jaguars, Steelers or Chiefs at this point.
      I'm comfortable with our odds at home against any of those teams given the performance of the team currently and as such I'm going to evaluate how I'd like to have the next round work out for our benefit.  This by no means I consider a win automatic, just the criteria by which I'm evaluating my ideal playoff scenario.
      The Denver Broncos are currently playing the most solid football of the bye teams and Indy having had a pair of 'off' weeks which regardless of the reasons are certainly not ensuring they are hitting stride at the right time.  Indy is playing a dismal Arizona team next and whether they win or not rae unlikely to play most of their top talent given the last game and certainly will have trouble building reasonable momentum from such a game.  They follow that with a bye which means I find them most vulnerable in that first return game when their rust will be the most heavy.    Since Indy gets the lowest remaining seed I'd like to put the Pats into the fourth seed so that if we earn our first round victory we get he less prepared COlts in their house for a fine bit of revenge.  The sad part of this is that it would mean  that the wildcard team did not advance otherwise they would have gone to Indy.  In this scenario it means either the Bengals or Broncos would emerge and we wouldn't have a chance at earning the AFC Championship at home.  Since I like to give us every advantage of a home game road to the playoffs I'm going to discard this road.
      Thus my final Holly Day wish for our road through the playoffs would be as the number 3 seed with our own advancing (to Denver).  Any of the teams that remain are encouraged to knock off the Colts and in fact I think a strong running team like Pittsburgh or Kansas City has some chance though I believe Pittsburgh has more chance.  The Bengals could also do it as they lost a close shootout but I would rather play Pittsburgh or Kansas City than Cincinatti so let's give me the upset as my lowest priority wish there.  If New England does their work against Denver and then hosted Pitt, KC or Cincinatti in the Championship game it would be a fun playoff road for me...of course the goal is still one more victory but that is so far ahead of myself I'll just end my musing here.
      Go Pats!
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