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Re: Why Bruschi is the savior

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  • George
    ***** I, too, agree that Tedy s return will result in a significant improvement in the overall D. You re right about Beisel, Darren. He can t tackle because he
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2005
      ***** I, too, agree that Tedy's return will result in a significant improvement in the overall D. You're right about Beisel, Darren. He can't tackle because he can't get off of blocks. Part of the reason for that may be his uncertainty about where he should go. All it takes is a micro second of hesitation to be at a major disadvantage against a good NFL blocker.
      ***** It's possible that Tedy's presence, and direction, will take the pressure off of Beisel, and help him anticipate, rather than react to opponents. That is the key to success inside. The difference between making or missing a tackle is just one small step. Beisel has excellent tackling ability. Remember that he was a ST standout for KC before he got a shot at starting from scrimmage. He just needs to anticipate, and be in better position to avoid or shed blockers.
      ***** As for the secondary, you forgot Arturo Freeman. No, he's not Rodney Harrison. But I think his experience can help back there, once he becomes a little more familiar with the system. He's a decent player. Better at this stage of his career, IMO, than the kids are at reading what's coming, and that means greater - sing it Carly! - AN-TI-CI-PA-TION! You can't make big defensive plays without it against either the run or the pass.

      Darren Dupre <darrend@...> wrote:
      I agree with all of your points very much, except number 4. I don't see how Bruschi makes Biesel a good tackler. Either Biesel just doesn't have the fundamental skills or he is so overwhelmed with the new system that he is tentative out there. I don't see how anything but time and experience can help that.

      On your whole premise I think that Bruschi will help the inside run defense tremendously. This will allow the edge rushers to think pass and go after the QB with more vengence. Although a better run D will help guard against the safeties having to provide run support - it's not like the Pats have been putting 8 in the box that much since Rodney went out. The secondary is still vulnerable with Bruschi out there.

      The cast of characters on deck to play DB (Samuel, Starks, Gay, Poteat, Poole, Wilson, Sanders, etc) only Samuel and Wilson inspire confidence in my opinion. And Wilson is borderline. Who is the leader in this group? The more and more I think about the Andre Davis resigning - the more I think we're going to see #80 out there. While he may not have the CB skills of the rest, Belichick has high confidence in him. He won't serve as the leader, but he will be an example to the younger DBs. "Hey, if a 34 year-old wide receiver is taking my job - maybe I should work harder to make plays."

      Just a thought....


      -------------- Original message from "Levine, David" : --------------

      > My contention is that Bruschi will turn the defensive season around.
      > Yes, I know that is a lot to ask of one man but here are the main
      > reasons for me thinking this.
      > 1. He is a sure tackler in the middle. This will allow Vrabel to move
      > back outside where he plays the best. He also will make the play and
      > turn a huge gain into a short gain. He isn't great at stuffing a play
      > but he is always in position to make a play when needed. Very steady.
      > 2. He makes the player beside him that much better. Tedy has the knack
      > of being at the right place at the right time. Doing this, frees up the
      > other players to make plays.
      > 3. The most underrated, and most forgotten aspect is that he makes the D
      > calls. This duty fell upon Vrabel. While he did a good job at it, his
      > play fell off because he was so worried about last second adjustments.
      > Bruschi can help with the adjustments and have the ability to not let it
      > affect his play. It is a tough job and his intelligence speaks volumes.
      > 4. His knowledge of the LB position will help Beisel tremendously.
      > Beisel is a good player and he is always around the ball. The problem
      > is that he is half a step late on many occasions. Tedy can help place
      > him better prior to the snap which can make up for that half step
      > because he knows the D so well. He has played many positions so he
      > knows what everyone is supposed to do.
      > 5. His attitude is contagious. Big Sey is a great player but he is not
      > a vocal, fire your team mates up, type of guy. With Bruschi and Rodney
      > out, there is no one out there who can do that. We get the fire back
      > and we start making the plays. Other than Willie, there were no leaders
      > out there.
      > Dave
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