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Training Camp Commentary and things

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Hello all, I know there were several others whom attended various practices (hi Sue and Ed) and hopefully they will share some of their observations with us as
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2005
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      Hello all,
      I know there were several others whom attended various practices (hi Sue and Ed) and hopefully they will share some of their observations with us as well!    We may not all have Karen's steady observations and thus more erudite overview but she has only two eyes and a throng of distractions which means we'll occasionally catch some gems she misses.
         The intensity was definitely lower than I'm accustomed to noting from camp.  It reminded me of the time(s) fights were deliberately caused with coaching instigation.  They don't need a fight to be intense but intensity leads to the temper flarings.  The advent of heat may help but this was not intense enough in my mind.  I did hear a report that BB was concerned the team having played 9 extra games in the last four years is perhaps a bit more worn than some.  To me there are enough variance of players to ease that significantly and things should start ramping up before our first practice game against the Saints.
      BB was with the offensive unit most of the morning and seemed to be coordinating (npi) much of the activity and response.
      Dante seemed to be coordinating them more in the evening session at Gilette while BB was more general in his observations and positioning.
      Our Quarterbacks got a fair bit of Drew and Pete's eye for me and reported that Brady simply looked ready in all aspects.  Despite a 40 yard roll out in the morning, there is nothing but humor and time delay in Brady's run there but his throws were almost always precise with under four bad balls noted on both sessions.  He's got touch, he's got Zip (easy there) and he check off receivers well.  There's a reason that now shows stronger than ever why this team's offense can get the job done when it needs.
      Flutie had a decent day but certainly doesn't have Brady's consistency nor his accuracy.  He had a few balls hitting the line and Drew was simply stunned by how much his height impacted his throwing lanes.  Still he generally got the job done and done well.  He was more instructional when things went awry and despite one pissy moment when he wanted Bam to cut the other way, he seemed to have excellent interaction with all the players.  He has it all over Rohan Davey at this point to be certain.
      Castle: This kid is the real McCoy without real hitting.  His throws were second to Brady in accuracy and Zip.  He had a few bad throws, moe in the PM session but had more highlight throws.  How he responds to real pressure and true pocket awareness may be a key with his inexperience but on pure passing and poise he's our development QB.  If his preseson shines like a 2001 Brady, then he will be the number 2.  Otherwise it will be interesting to see if we can protect him n a roster spot.  That's tougher with Cleveland grabbing our scraps to prevent the waiver wire 'extra' roster spots we've used the past few years.  One one morning session Castle read three receivers and then hit the third perfectly as the pocket collapsed.  It was a vet reading process this early in camp and I'm personally encouraged.
      Rohan Davey:
        He's still erratic.  He'll throw two great balls and then four lousy ones.  He's big, strong and seemingly making the right reads but unable to deliver with precision.  Even in simple throwing drills at stationary targets  he was the most erratic of the four QBs...and by a significant margin.  Whether Sabin wants his old LSU player or not, Davey is going to be a camp casualty.  Probably after they use him to balance out throws and arm wear - near the August 20 cut realm.
      Offensive Line:
         Menkins got attention from various sources and the big man moves well on his feet.  He's still making some movement mistakes but his strength and drive are impressive.  Dale of the Outlaw (a.k.a. The O-Line Shrine) reports that Menkins has the respect of the O-line mates and D-line opponents.  He's just an animal and they know he's going after his job with zeal on every play.  The big question for the O-line may be whom is going to cement in as their leader off the field.  Light is trying to step up but there are some Andruzzi sized shoes and responsibility to find.  This young group can find some excessive fun off the field if they don't get a stablizing influence.  Ashworth has the edge on Gorin from the early viewpoints and if his back and body sustain it's going to be a year with some depth at O'line.  As Ashworth emerges this will let Gorin get more reps backing up Light which is also a good idea though this may be Light's most healthy start to a season.  The O-line generally held their own against the DL and freequently had an edge on the ground game.  This could be a result of the intensity, Seymour's absence (at that point) or, Dillon and Fualk's talents or possibly some defensive run concerns.  Fact is the ground game had an edge to the O on this day.  Second fact is Menkins and Neal are going to both pull with power and impressive quickness which spells good things for our ground game.
      Running backs:
      Chapman was as 'impressive' as Cobbs.  There's the battle at present to see if one of them will get the nod.  Dillon and Faulk are in excellent shape and seemed very in control of their game and moves.  Pass had a decent run but we didnt' get enough eyes on him honestly.  His new challenge was that the tight end H back formation was used frequently and in this if Weaer (constantly doing it) and Watson (not present but reputedly doing such) handle the job, Patrick may indeed be challenged.  He's been a steady contributewr for this team and I hope he makes it - even if the price is one of the Chapman/Cobbs tandem whom hasn't yet impressed me.  Cobbs is healthy though  - and a big back to spell Corey might emerge once the prctice games get going.  Two pass attempts by our running backs (Chapman) ensured they won't throw again as Oregon would have been proud of those Ducks - no Mallard didn't throw one from his LB post.
      Wide Receivers:
      Branch and Givens own this team now.  Two years ago I had eyes on the Receivers for me and Troy Brown stood out as a man amongst boys.  Troy still has some in the tank and we know he is dependable but Branch and Givens are just head and shoulders (hard to believe with Branch) above the rest.  Dwight is exceedigly quick but a few drops hurt his cause.  He is a Branch clone in all but the hands department.  Branch doesn't drop the ball and he could get open on almost any play he chose - which bears out in his playoff performances versus Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.  (A PA complex?).  Baker and Childress had plenty of work and showed some things - certainly moere than Terrell but David is getting plenty of opportunity to change that.  We were lighter than I wanted here and I hope PK Sam and Bethel are ready soon to start shoing they are viable options for this year.  Otherwise Our depth at WR isn't what I had originally hoped.
      Tight Ends:
      Weaver and Stokes show was on display.  Both had mixed moments but Weaver must have been exhausted with the work he was getting.  If they want him dropping pounds it should happen by tomorrow!  Weaver did long snapping, H back, full back, tight end and receiver work.  He had too many drops but also several decen moments.  Where the heck is Graham and Watson.  They are our two big guns and after a year without Watson I hpe we get some TC time to get confidence and timing with him.  We are behind in this group because of the 'injury' absence which I presume is injury since I'm sure BB only has 'tightened up' on their ntoes.
      Green, Wilfork and Warren are three solid players.  Klecko is undersized at the nose and it showed.  Bailey had some flash moments to give me some hope but is still far too silent for that hope to grow.  Certainly the Sudden(ly) Seymour additon will help tremendously and fill out our depth on end.  At Nose Tackle I'm concerned, Seymour does do some duty there to spell Wilfork but I most prefer him at end.  The second unit DL was more commonly manhandled by the secondary OL unit - nice for our OL depth and not so good for the DL kids.  At one point Menkins held Klecko at bay with one hand while watching for any other pick up help he might need to provide.  I'm just not satisfied at our Nose.
         No Monty Beissel or Rodrigues sightings took palce.  Brown worked well in the middle and Vrabel seems his likely partner.  This does help Vrabel make the signal calls and that is a significant part of this unit and defense.  Colvin, and TBC have much to prove outside though we know McGinest is there to lend support in the long run.  Colvin moved well though stillseemed to be learning.  Toolittle info on TBC and Claridge for my liking.  Both got reps but eyes were elsewhere with limitted time.  I'd really love to get some good Linebacker reports from those watching.
      Defensive Backs:
         It will be hard for Gay and Samuel to be unseated if they don't get hurt.  I know that Sarks, Poole, Scott and Hobbs are doing impressive things but this is a tight group of talent.  These six are as talented a group of six cornerbacks as I've ever known on this team...maybe any team.  I'm not certain we'd have any drop off taking a nickel package out in full substitution.  Scott may be too physical and thus too frequently a flag victim but nobody has outshined any others.  The problem is despite this Branch and Givens are having a field day.  Maybe when pressure gets reamped up to real hits it will adjust but right now there is high overall talent but they did not get enough of the job done in any session yesterday.
         Rodney Harrison is not pounding people at all.  He isn't pounding or hounding as he has done in year's past.  If this team is going to get intense I'd expect it to start with him and if it isn't I wonder at the reason.  Have they put the reigns on him?  Gus Scott was a ntoed presence while Wilson was silent with nothing good or bad to say.  Edwards and Reid had more notable failings than shinings.  Both better ramp up or three safeties will join a crop of six corners for this roster's final version.  I think I might like Chad Scott at Strong Safety and Gus Scott at Free...backups folks, backups! :)
      Special Teams:
         Gould can kick in this league.  I'd like to know his accuracy a bit more but he's got the leg and consistency to challenge even Adam if his accuracy endures multiple sessions.  I don't expect any chance of not having the best clutch kicker in the NFL on our roster and I doubt we can have a spot for a bonus kicker but he's got leg and someone is going to have a kicker we miss down the road.  The dollar value may be a factor if Adam remains without a long term deal and just maybe if he slips through the year they'll have this guy on call for an unsignable Adam.
      Miller has some competition but probably has the job.  Still the new guy whom I've lost from name recall ta present, boomed them steadily after a slow warm up in the morning. (thanks Pete Hale for hte reports).  By the end of the morning and the evening there were some boomers that may drive Miller up a notch.
      All in all I had a great run at my full camp sessions.  THanks to all whom helped and I hope I've put up a few worthwhile tidbits.
      As a closing note, for those aware I did have a surgery ysterday and all went smoothly.  Thanks for the many well wishes received.  Hopefully by the Saints practice I'll have some progress to report.
      Really the final notice is to remind folks to keep their posts Patriot content.  I sent private reminders to offenders and by the Thursday night opener I'll consider the notion of authorization to join this list.  I'd prefer to leave it automated but if there are excessive off topic or spams I will do this.
      Go Pats!
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