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Mrs. B's TC Report 8/2AM

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  • Karen Cardoza
    a.. 08/02/05 AM This morning s session took place under hazy, hot, and humid conditions... just the way I like it!! I m sure BB was happy too as he s recently
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      08/02/05 AM

      This morning's session took place under hazy, hot, and humid conditions... just the way I like it!!  I'm sure BB was happy too as he's recently remarked that it hasn't been hot enough for his liking.  Guys practiced in shorts, and shoulder pads today. (Tonight's practice  in the bowl should be full contact.)

      Here are the tidbits for today:

          * My good buddy, the Zipster,  was in the house. :-)

          *Marquise Hill, Monty Beisel and Tim Dwight all practiced today.  Harrison, Troy Brown  Chad Brown  didn't practice... probably the veteran day off.  I also didn't see Ben Watson out there either.  The rest of the "Bubble Boys" remains the same so I won't bother listing them. 


          *Officials were on the field today and the media was out in full force.


          * During the stretch, a red-headed vendor selling frozen lemonade, wearing a 67 jersey,  proceeded to walk onto the field and delivered an Italian Ice to his twin, Dan Koppen... who proceeded to eat it!  The crowd loved it but I'm not sure how well it flew with Belichick.


          *Speaking of that frozen lemonade, kids were trying to con the vendors into accepting PFW five dollar bills (featuring BB) for some refreshment.  Another group of camp kids were looking at said BILL and remarked... "Hey, that's not the President of the United States." Another kid said:  "Maybe it should be!"  I told Fred Kirsch the story and he loved it!


          *  Long bomb of the day was Flutie connecting with Duane Starks for a touchdown.  He made a few nice catches today.


          *The entire offensive unit took the first group lap of the season... of course folks applauded them as they went by.... a bit of salt in the wounds, boys?


          *  Bam continues to shine out there, catching most of what comes his way and hustling on every play.


          * Dwight was returning punts and Beisel shared time at MLB.


          * CASSEL looks like #2.... He definitely doesn't look like a rookie... quick decision making, poise in the pocket, mobility, and accuracy.... My order of things:  Brady, Cassel, Flutie, Davey.


          *Brady didn't have the greatest of days.... missed quite a few seemingly routine plays, on one series in particular, didn't have a completion but did redeem himself on the next series hitting Branch a few times.


          *  Always talking about the rookies but shouldn't fail to mention some constants..  Dillon is a powerhouse... SO glad he's on my team!  Faulk's  got great feet too and can cut with the best of them.


      Well... can't think of anything else off the top of my head.  I've got tons to do before tonight's practice, including the podcast and FINALLY posting those pictures that I promised.  Of course all of those things that moms just have to do don't go away just because camp is here so I'll have my hands full with housework as well. 

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