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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Thank you to so many folks for the excellent and well appreciated outpouring of support and friendship for both myself and Ostend. I ll be back to Patriotic
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
      Thank you to so many folks for the excellent and well appreciated outpouring of support and friendship for both myself and Ostend.  I'll be back to Patriotic matters after this Saturday and in the meanwhile wish to ensure I didn't miss the opportunity to ensure folks knew about the chance to join me and Oz one last time.
      I've put together a slide show, some video clips and two physical Memorials for the day.  Thanks again and please, no need to post anything to these lists which should be preserved from Off Topic as much as possible. 
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      Subject: Ostend Memorial

      On Saturday, June 4 I will be holding an Open House at my Home at 109 East Glenwood Street in Nashua, NH.  My doors will be open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. and all whom wish to visit, pay respects or in any other fashion join with us on a day I am personally dedicating to my beloved and well deserved friend to so many people.
         All are encouraged to visit whenever they wish, remain for as long or as short as they wish.  I will have several tributes to Ostend present and would very much welcome any whom wish to share a picture or a story throughout the long day.
      Ostend was born on August 20, 1998 in New York State.  He travelled for the California based Guide Dogs for the Blind, to Lafayette, Colorado where he was raised primarily by Doreen Harbor.  He travelled back to San Raphael, California after reaching some level of maturity and tested for the Guide Dog program with considerable success.  He was used to breed a litter of pups before returning to the program and excelling once again. At that point he was the only dog to have ever succeeded in this attempt.   August 23 of 2000, he was assigned to me and we became fast friends and growing partners.  I wish I could well describe the bonds of partnership and trust which must exist as a blind person working with anyone.  I am an extremely independent person and it was Ostend's Charm, Loyalty, Love and Devotion which quickly allowed me to so completely depend on our relationship.  Over the next three years, our partnership became so much more than anything I have ever experienced.  I've always been one to love animals and my dogs have held such a very special place in my heart.  I am so pleased to know how many adventures Ostend ensured I could enjoy with his Companionship and Aid.  We travelled to and through the Everglades, we journeyed to New York for the Rosie show, to New Orleans for the Superbowl, to the White House for a celebration with the President and the Patriots and to so many more places.  We travelled with friends and alone and we did it with a confidence I could only hold because of his competence and eager aid.  My boy was a marvel and in 2004 when I was placed into the wheelchair I think it nearly broke his heart.  Perhaps in retrospect it did.  I only know that as this spring has enabled me to challenge the condition Ostend immediately leaped eagerly to the cause.  We had begun to tour and gain independence again and his so very intelligent manner worked with his enthusiasm to convince me we would work together again.  We did.  We took several, albeit far too few, journeys together before his time with us came to such a tragic end.
         I'll never forget the courage he showed in saving my life in New York and in guiding me through so many challenging situations.  I know how well he wished me out in the world exploring and meeting the many new friends he was certain to charm as well as the many old friends he would delight in greeting.  I will aspire to have his same courage and to achieve the things he wished we would achieve every day.  I will always treasure his memory and his presence in my life.  For this day of Memorial, I invite all of you to do the same with me for as long or as short as you may manage.  If you wish to attend but cannot, please feel free to send pictures or stories or love by any means you are able and all will be equally well received.
      Randy & Ostend
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