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  • George R
    ***** Indeed it is unfortunate, Frank. In my opinion, the line between the public s right to know, and an individual s right to privacy is crossed with
    Message 1 of 2 , May 6, 2005
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      ***** Indeed it is unfortunate, Frank. In my opinion, the line between the public's right to know, and an individual's right to privacy is crossed with regularity by the media in their "coverage" of most celebrities. I believe that entertainers have an obligation to share some of their "off-camera" time with the public that ultimately pays their salaries. But nobody has an obligation to allow public invasion of elements of their lives that are painful and/or deeply personal to them.
      ***** The tough challenge for Tedy is that, when he returns, he still has an obligation to grant interviews to the media on all football related matters, despite whatever resentment may remain toward some of them for their outrageous invasion of his privacy following the stroke. I hope he handles it well.
      Frank Northcutt <frank.dana@...> wrote:
      << While there's still no concrete evidence of what Patriots
      linebacker Tedy Bruschi's health will allow him to do next season, his
      relationship with the New England media may be beyond repair. One of
      the team's most beloved interviews, Bruschi remains "infuriated" over
      how his stroke became a feeding frenzy for reporters in the Boston
      area, a Patriots teammate said last week. During and after Bruschi's
      hospitalization, television and print reporters staked out his home
      and approached several family members. When he was released from the
      hospital, one station ran a live helicopter feed of his return home.

      "He's pissed," the player said. "He should be. It was ridiculous. They
      were following him everywhere, going after his family at all hours. I
      don't think he'll ever forget that [stuff]."

      Charles Robinson is the national NFL writer for Yahoo! Sports.  >>


      I know he's a public figure, but all he asked for was a bit of
      privacy, while he and his family worked through his health issue, and
      dealt with some tough decisions. Considering what he has meant to this
      team, and to the fans, they should have respected that. Very unfortunate.


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