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RE: [patriotzip] Penny Wise, Pound Foolish?

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  • Rob Bosch
    And...lmao...yes I did mean to say ship is sinking! That s what you get for typing a message at 1:00 in the morning. -Rob ... From: Rob Bosch
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 25, 2005
      And...lmao...yes I did mean to say ship is sinking! That's what you get for typing a message at 1:00 in the morning.
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      I'm completely with you here George. Let's keep this simple folks....don't $#*% with Tom Brady!  The guys does everything you could ever ask of an NFL player, and then some. He is quite simply the best thing that has ever happened to the Patriots period! Give him his fair share...don't play any games with him....and move on. He's not asking for the moon and the stars, even though he could do that and nobody would bat an eyelash.
       I understand the Patriots policy of financial restraint, but it doesn't apply in this case. I think they have already pushed it a bit this off-season. Letting Troy Brown go was tough, although there is no way you could pay him 5 million next year. The Joe Andruzzi thing I still don't agree with. I would have given him a million and a half per year for four years, which I'm sure would have been enough to keep him here. At some point you have to reward guys that have helped take you to the promised land so many times. If you keep discarding them you risk alienating the team. Yes I know it hasn't happened so far, but that doesn't mean it can't happen in the future does it?
      I'm not saying the Patriots sink is shipping...far from that. But I think they are playing a bit of a dangerous game this off-season. They could get back some positive mojo by treating Brady the way he deserves to be treated. Let's hope that happens very soon.
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      From: George R [mailto:patsfangr@...]
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      Subject: [patriotzip] Penny Wise, Pound Foolish?

      ***** According to a report from Tom Curran on "New England Sports Tonight", the reason for the delay in finalizing Brady's contract extension is that the Patriots want to spread the signing bonus of $24 mil over 4 years, rather that putting it all up front, as is the normal process for signing bonuses. Spreading it out would mean that it would not be guaranteed money. The cap hit for the signing bonus would still be spread in the normal way, whether the money was given to Brady up front, or spread over 4 installments. The total contract, Curran said, is for $60 mil over 6 years; or less than 2/3 what Manning was given.

      ***** So, Tom Brady is willing to sign for relative "bargain" money, considering his market value, and the Patriots are trying to piss him off by leaving the money at risk. There can be no question that Kraft has the money to go with the precedent, and shell it out immediately. So what's the problem here?

      ***** I have to say that evidence continues to mount that Kraft is much more of a "money man" than some of us here have wanted to believe. I am normally on the side of management in salary issues. That's because I see the logic of keeping the salaries of the best players low enough to allow for signing lots of solid second level players, and maintain a strong team. This one is a strong exception to that.

      ***** There is no salary cap involved. The total amount is agreed upon by both parties, so the Patriots obviously feel that they can manage the amount within their cap structure. Brady's market value is clearly a hell of a lot higher than what he's willing to accept here. There can be no reason other than penny pinching for Kraft to hold on tight to the signing bonus that is always an up front payment.

      ***** Rather than balancing the cap for the good of the team, this situation appears to be risking the team solidarity for the sake of protecting Kraft's pile of gold. I am not supporting the Patriots position in this one, and I am very concerned about what it could do to the atmosphere we've been so proud of over the past few seasons. Team does, indeed, go both ways, Mr. Kraft. Pay the man!

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