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Re: [patriotzip] Re: Here's a FA I'd LOVE to Sign!

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  • George R
    ***** I said I d like Muhammad *with* Givens, Mark. Have you forgotten that Givens is one of my favorite players on the team? He s a guy I specifically tagged
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 26, 2005
      ***** I said I'd like Muhammad *with* Givens, Mark. Have you forgotten that Givens is one of my favorite players on the team? He's a guy I specifically tagged on draft day as an absolute steal out of ND, based upon what I'd seen of him. He is absolutely our #1 priority at WR, in my book!
      ***** As for Muhammad's sideline crap, players will reflect their surroundings. There's no way he'd be doing that crap if he were on BB's roster. And, let's face it, it was hardly a direct taunt, ala the T.O. crap. Muhammad is a damn good WR, and I'd love to have him on this team.
      ***** The fact that Ty Law isn't married to the mother of his child is no big deal with me. I may "lean to the right" on some political issues, but I it's definitely not the "religious right." If a man loves and cares for his partner and his child, that qualifies him as a "good family man" to me.
      ***** I definitely did not like the "border incident" that Law was involved in. But, again, it was not an irrevocably damning thing, IMO. The "cousin" excuse was certainly an understandable "knee jerk lie" for a guy in his position. The drug involved was Exstasy, which, while it *can* be used as a so-called "date rape" weapon, has "voluntary" sexual pleasure uses as well. And, remember, I'm one of those renegades who favors legalization of drugs for reasons that I won't go into again here.
      ***** Ty Law views money as the most important reward, and show of respect for his work, despite having more than enough of it to "feed his family." That philosophy is abhorent to me. It is the sole point on which I have strong feelings against Law. Otherwise, I stand by my statement that he's not a bad guy.

      Mark Morse <packy001@...> wrote:

      Have you lost your mind?  We already have a better
      player than Muhammad in Givens and a he is a hell of a
      lot cheaper.

      This is the same Muhammad that was cutting up on the
      sideline conducting a fake interview during the Super
      Bowl (which I think Carolina lost).

      AND ... you call Ty Law a good Family Man ... yeah he
      takes care of his illegitimate daughter and has never
      married her mother, but they live together.  Wasn't it
      the same Family Guy who blamed his cousin when he was
      stopped at the US Border with drugs.  This after the
      game with Buffalo and he went to Canada to play,
      rather than take the team flight home.

      For someone that leans to the right, you are being
      disingenuous when it comes to Ty Law.  You can't have
      it both ways!
      --- George R <patsfangr@...> wrote:

      > Panthers Release Muhammad
      > ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli reports the Carolina
      > Panthers have released WR Muhsin Muhammad. He would
      > have been due a $10 million bonus during early
      > March, which the team was not interested in paying.
      > Muhammad set personal bests with 93 receptions,
      > 1,405 yards receiving and 16 touchdowns during the
      > 2004 season.
      > ***** Imagine giving Tom this guy, along with Branch
      > and Givens?!!!
      > (Hey, a guy can dream.)


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