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Re: [patriotzip] Good Riddance

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  • Will Taylor
    Ty s biggest problem was / is his ego. I don t think that you can deny that he was an above average corner and probably deserved the money he earned when
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 25, 2005
      Ty's biggest problem was / is his ego. I don't think
      that you can deny that he was an above average corner
      and probably deserved the money he earned when
      compared to others at his position.

      He was a great player for us and I will miss him. I
      don't however think that his departure is going to
      hurt, even if he does end up in Indy. We won the
      super bowl without him playing the second half of the
      season, what's different?

      He played our system well, as did Lawyer, Lawyer went
      to the Bills and I didn't see him nominated to the pro
      bowl. Is Lawyer a lesser player now, or did he fit
      our "system" better than the Bill's? I think you'll
      see the same drop off with Ty.

      I won't say good riddance, I wish He'd come back for
      the team. But I won't wish him well if he does move
      on to greener pastures.

      --- Mark Morse <packy001@...> wrote:

      > Cut the crap with all the gushing over Ty Law. See
      > Ya
      > and don't let the door hit you on the way out.
      > Yeah he played great a year ago and had that big
      > interception in Super Bowl 36. However Ty Law is a
      > jerk, a miserable human being, self centered, money
      > grubbing, selfish A*$. I am glad he is gone and
      > that
      > BB decided to keep Troy Brown.
      > He stole the Krafts money in the other years of his
      > contract. I realize he was hurt last year, but in
      > all
      > the years except 2003, he didn't perform to the
      > level
      > he was paid for. At over $6.5M, Law was the highest
      > paid player in the NFL last year (Antoine Winfield
      > had
      > all of his bonus pushed into the 1st year of his
      > contract acutually making his cap hit $12M).
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