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Re: [patriotzip] Re: Worse Loss in recent history

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  • Ed Bryant
    Couldn t tell who the you is in the question, but if it s me: actually, I don t think NE will draft a cornerback in the first round this coming draft.
    Message 1 of 20 , Dec 28, 2004
      Couldn't tell who the "you" is in the question, but if it's me: actually, I don't think NE will draft a cornerback in the first round this coming draft. Belichick and Pioli have shown their hand to this extent: they love big kids.  In the Belichick era, the first guy drafted was Klemm, an OT, then Seymour and Light, then Daniel Graham, then Warren, then Wilfork and Watson. So right now, NE has Graham, Watson, Weaver, and Vrabel for the deepest tight end spot in the league, with Kurpeikis learning a couple of plays.  So, I'd look at defense, but NE will always look to stockpile d line guys, and after that, we need younger linebackers, eventually, and we need to replace Law now and Harrison in a couple of years.  With the cost of first round corners and the success of Blue Gay, I wonder if they think they can find a free agent (from the league, not from LSU) who can do the job.  This is what led them to sign Poole, not that he's a Ty Law. 

      llj7366@... wrote:
      So... you think we are going with a CB for our first round or are you just wishful thinking?

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