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Re: [patriotzip] And down the stretch they come

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  • Ed Bryant
    Anything to avoid doing NFC tie-breakers! As Denver won over SD in Denver, it s really important that SD retaliate on December 5, in San Diego. My surmise is
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 23, 2004
      Anything to avoid doing NFC tie-breakers!  As Denver won over SD in Denver, it's really important that SD retaliate on December 5, in San Diego.  My surmise is that, in the other fifteen games, Denver will be 10-5 and San Diego 11-4.  If Denver wins in SD, they have a sweep for a tie-breaker.  If SD wins Dec 5, they have a two game lead in my scenario, so in effect a margin of error which would allow them to lose two rather than one in the rest of the schedule, with this proposed degree of difficulty:
      Hardest: at Indianapolis, indoors, a day after Christmas
      2nd: At Kansas City, this week coming
      3rd: Kansas City, January 2, max time for Priest Holmes to come back, sunny day!
      4th:  Tampa Bay, in San Diego, on Dec 12
      5th or easiest: at Cleveland
      Denver can easily stumble at Indy on January 2, with their season on the line (although if you're rooting against Plummer, hope Jacksonville is still breathing down Indy's neck, since Indy looks unlikely to be playing for 1st or even 2nd seed by then).   Denver goes to Tennessee the week before that, playing on Christmas at night.  Kansas City plays Denver tough in KC, a lot of years splitting the season series 1-1, but otherwise, I don't see Miami or Oakland beating Denver at this point in the season.   So the later it gets, the more dramatic it'll be if Jake chokes trying to swallow an elephant!  Even so, Dec 5 is the most important date in the AFC West!     
      Rob Brooks <mahlerfan@...> wrote:
      As we enter the home stretch of the season, it appears things are
      slowly coming into focus with regards to the playoff picture.  Our
      boys and the Squealers are likely to be the 1 and 2 seeds, barring
      some big disaster.  I'd love for the Pats to be #1, of course, but it
      would be oddly appropriate for them to go into The Ketchup Bottle and
      break the hearts of the Pittsburgh fans all over again. :-)

      Indy certainly has the inside track to win their division, and my
      guess for the West is San Diego, as I refuse to put any stock in a
      Jake Plummer led team (aka the Bill Simmons principle).  So that
      leaves the two wild card teams.  Admitting up front that I haven't
      looked at their schedules at all, my hunch is that those two teams
      will be Baltimore and Jacksonville (assuming Byron Leftwich is back
      and healthy starting this week).  I already made my case against
      Denver, and the Jets seem like the ultimate paper tiger to me (in the
      same vein as Seattle).

      Anybody else have any thoughts on this topic?

      - Rob

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