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  • Kathleen Lynch
    I am so enjoying your posts about your family connections- they are all great stories! Although I don t have a strong connection to the Sox I remember that
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 31, 2004
      I am so enjoying your posts about your family connections- they are all great stories! Although I don' t have a strong connection to the Sox I  remember that my maternal grandfather worked for the painting company that painted the green monster and the seats every spring to get it ready for the season. My mom recently passed and I can't help but think that she and my Grandpa were up in Heaven partying away over the Sox win! Congrats to the Sox and now- who's ready for some football??

      Bob George <bobg@...> wrote:
      Incredibly heartfelt post, Bill.  My dad and I connected with the Patriots
      more than the Red Sox.  That is why when my dad died in 2000 I thought more
      of the Patriots than the Sox.  OTOH my mom is the one where I form the Sox
      connection.  She and my sister kept in close contact with me throughout the
      postseason and shared our thoughts.  Mom used to go to Fenway in the 1940s
      and saw a lot of Ted Williams.  Anyway, when the series ended and the
      impossible happened, she was the one I thought of more and I asked her "How
      the heck do you feel now, mom?"  Like me, she had a hard time putting it
      into words, but she was incredibly happy.

      OBTW Oct. 27 was my sister's birthday.  Happy birthday, sis!

      Bob G

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      > the Red Sox are the top team in Boston and New England . . .
      > I went with my Dad to the Sox parade yesterday.  We took the Green Line
      > from
      > Riverside, as we had done soooo many times together many years ago, and
      > got
      > off at Fenway.  We walked around Fenway before getting back on the train
      > to
      > head to the Charles and wait for the Sox.  It was ironic that, after soooo
      > many years, there we were there together waiting for the Sox AGAIN.
      > Though
      > it's been many years since we've been to a ballgame together (we've been
      > to
      > dozens of Pats games since then) it seemed like only yesterday that he
      > walked
      > me up the ramp behind the Sox dugout and, for the 1st time, I saw the
      > Green
      > Monster.  All the memories came flooding back.
      > My Dad is 78 years old and, as the players finally came past, he turned to
      > me
      > and said "I wish that I could have done this with my father".   It brought
      > tears to my eyes, but it made me realize why the Sox are the most popular
      > team
      > in Boston . . . they've been passed down from fathers to sons for
      > generations.
      > Even though I am a much bigger Patriots (and football) fan, and have been
      > for
      > many years, the Sox just hold a bigger portion of my memories.  It's kind
      > of
      > hard for me to admit, and has surprised the hell out of me, but the Sox
      > winning the World Series was/is a bigger thrill for me than the Pats SB
      > wins.
      > Despite the fact that up until about 2 weeks ago I probably couldn't have
      > named the Sox starting line-up (I might still have trouble doing it now),
      > I
      > had hoped and dreamed of them winning the WS for so many years . . . and
      > now
      > they finally have.
      > My hope is that the NFL owners and players do not ruin football for me the
      > way
      > that the owners and players ruined baseball for me . . . by putting money
      > ahead of the game.  However, that is another discussion . . .
      > The Sox are World Champions and I got to share it with my Dad!!! I never
      > thought that day would happen and THAT is why the Sox are bigger than the
      > Pats
      > in Boston . . . they've spanned the generations.
      > Now, here's to the Pats shutting up the Squeelers today.
      > -bill
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