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Re: Playing the Dolphins

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  • Doug Penney
    I have to say that if it does come down to a game 5 in the ALDS, I ll be watching the Sox rather than the Pats. I ve only been a big football fan the last 5
    Message 1 of 52 , Oct 5, 2004
      I have to say that if it does come down to a game 5 in the ALDS, I'll
      be watching the Sox rather than the Pats. I've only been a big
      football fan the last 5 years or so since I started playing fantasy
      football but I've been a baseball fan for 24 years at least. Still,
      I'll be trying to catch Pats' updates and I'm crossing my fingers
      that the Sox can get in done in four games, especially to keep
      Schilling in position to start the ALCS. I'm sure if the sports'
      seasons overlapped the other way, we'd be ignoring the Sox in favor
      of the Pats. This is one of those rare times that can be too much of
      a good thing [winning franchises] Still, I'll take it any day.


      > Well first we are New England - not a city! ;-)
      > The sad reality imo is that if baseball goes to a game 5, it will
      be played Sunday afternoon. Thus the World Champion New England
      Patriots will be challenging for an all time NFL record as well as
      sustaining their current unbeaten streak for this season. yet they
      will potentially be second fiddle in the local media and a fair
      number of fans. I'd love for the Sox to win and win and win all the
      way through to a World Series Victory - I just fear it will
      demonstrate how poorly the vast majority of 'Patriot fans" deserve
      this marvelous team we are experiencing.
      > You'll hear it at my Tailgate toast this week but the basic message
      is we better be prepared to demonstrate our fandom above and beyond
      all doubt in the Razor because this Patriot team deserves it.
      > A Pats fan first and foremost,
      > Zip
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      > From: Monty Rodrigues
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      > Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 10:23 AM
      > Subject: Re: [patriotzip] Playing the Dolphins
      > What ... there's a football game on? Listening to the
      > freakin radio ... you'd never know it.
      > God I wonder about this city at times. :(
      > Monty
      > --- Randy Z Pierce <alaric02@s...> wrote:
      > > So I'll ruminate a bit more on my expected keys to
      > > victory while asking as I did last week for various
      > > thoughts on how we should best prepare/approach the
      > > Miami Dolpins visit to Foxboro.
      > >
      > > The 0-4 Dolphins have in fact been in most of their
      > > games with a defense which is surviving an amazing
      > > amount of turnovers to hold the game close. This
      > > defense is still a high quality unit and can be a
      > > scoring defense if considerable offensive caution
      > > isn't in effect.
      > >
      > > The Dolphins offense is woeful. A beleagured
      > > running back corps is highlighted by a poor
      > > offensive line. Neither QB seems able to avoid
      > > considerable turnover and their targets are fairly
      > > limitted.
      > >
      > > Chambers and Mc Michaels can both be dangerous and
      > > our affinity for giving up yards between the 20s
      > > could give them the motivational impetus to be
      > > slightly more dangerous.
      > >
      > > No doubt we are a fare better team but we are dinged
      > > up a fair bit on offense with possible injuries to
      > > prevent Brown, Branch, Johnson and Patten from being
      > > ready to play the game...not to mention Watson
      > > already being gone. If we are not balanced Zach
      > > Thomas will be mieeting Corey Dillon often and not
      > > to our benefit.
      > >
      > > So what thoughts have the list on this game?
      > >
      > > Oh yeah - there is a streak of some sort on the line
      > > but I doubt it's a factor for our players.
      > >
      > > Zip
      > >
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    • llj7366@aol.com
      YIKES! I know, I was starting to sweat it that I had jinxed us! BUT... I did not! Thank goodness! LISA
      Message 52 of 52 , Oct 9, 2004
        YIKES! I know, I was starting to sweat it that I had jinxed us!
        BUT... I did not! Thank goodness!
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