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Setting the Stage: Pats at Bills....at Zip's!

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  • Randy Z Pierce
    The New England Patriots have won 17 consecutive games. It will have been more than a full calandar year since they failed to win a game! They will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2004
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      The New England Patriots have won 17 consecutive games.  It will have been more than a full calandar year since they failed to win a game!  They will be playing the Drew Bledsoe led Buffalo Bills for the record (tie) number of consecutive wins.  This of course will set the stage for the Miami Dolphin game in which they can break the record against a team whom holds the record.
      One year ago I opened my new addition Pats Shrine to view a distraughtful 31-0 shellacking at the hands of these very Bills.  The Pats did respond well and ultimately captured the Lombardi.  I think payback is in order for my home, our team and for the record!  So with all this behind us....
      Come join me on Sunday October 3 for the Pats battling the Bills.  The parking 'Lots" open at noon and there will be plenty of food and drink to be had for those whom share my enthusiasm of good socialization and New England Patriots Football.  Even the less football empassioned are typically highly entertained and several rooms of varied 'dedication' will once again exist.  So come join us and make the most of what promises to be a stellar day.  As always I greatly appreciate an RSVP but would rather have you join us without notice than fail to do such because you hadn't sent notice.
      As always I do not turn down folks determined to bring contributins even though there is a fair amount of food always present and left ofer battles ultimately in palce.  For those wanting to contribute and not deal with the challeng of what to bring, we as always have the Charity option for the "CJ Buckley Foundation" which is our use of our social time to bring about a solid philanthropic contributin.  Details of any aspect may be obtained with an email to me.
      Go Pats!
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