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Paul Harvey says...No Good at the SnowBowl

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  • Randy Z Pierce
    ... next ... that ... radio ... they ... yells ... out ... Then ... the ... He ... See, ... my ... potentially ... proud ... good, ... be ... so ... an ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2004
      > It went more like this. First Monty is innocent as it was Jose sitting
      > to me for that infamous and magical game. The weather was rough and my
      > radio headset had been wet and frozen enough times throughout the game
      > it decided to stop working right after the fumble instant replay into the
      > Tuck rule (so I guess that would be the non fumble review!). Without
      > for eyes, I asked Jose to help and the kind folks around leaped into
      > 'helpful' mode.
      > Setting the table: The snow was driving and swirling, it was 45 yards of
      > blizzard eternity to split uprights which could barely be discerned. At
      > that range and in that wind the kick would need to be a line drive. So
      > all informed me as the ball was snapped. From in front of me a voice
      > out "LOW!" and I hear it thinking "Shit!" Worse, Jose next to me yells
      > "No Good."all this to fall just short an a virtually unmake-able kick!
      > I hear the crowd around me cheering even as my head was in my hands in
      > dismay. Even as mentally slow as I am, I realize the unlikely nature of
      > crowd cheering if we just lost the game. I'm thinking maybe there was a
      > yellow flag or perhaps it was good and I had misunderstood???So I yell out
      > to Jose amidst the jubilant noise: "I thought you said it was no good?"
      > yells back more distinctly even as I've figured it out completely: "No
      > (pause) GOOD" Despite all this I had to be a bit smarmy and I said -
      > you just said it again!!!" It was a moment I'll treasure for a long time.
      > Sequel 1:
      > Jose went to the ESPN Sportszone in NYC for the first time ever that
      > following year. As he walks into the place there is multi-story TV with
      > ugly mug on it and he yells out something about that being his buddy
      > Zip...just before he gets to hear me abuse him on National TV by recanting
      > this tale to the media. :)
      > Sequel 2:
      > New Orleans - time running out and Adam lining up for a kick to
      > win Superbowl 36. THe kicks sails but I'm on radio delay but so full of
      > confidence I'm not even listening to the radio, just holding my arm up in
      > celebratory triumph. Jose wanting to be clear does Soccer announcers
      > with his call through the noise: "Goooooooooooooood, good, good, good,
      > good, good, good, good, GOoooooooOOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOoooooD!" Then he
      > promptly saved the blind guys life whom should have known better than to
      > jumping around jubilantly on the edge of the front row balcony!!
      > Ah man I love this team and the tears still well up in my eyes when I go
      > deeply into those recollections. We are now two-time World Champions in
      > era most New England Fans barely can have dreamed would exist. We are
      > in the middle of a marvelous time and I for one am lavishing every single
      > moment!
      > Go Pats!
      > Zip
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      > > >I don't know the if tyhis has been on before, but what
      > > > a great piece on the Patriots. Just saw a piece on
      > > > the Snow Bowl game and an interview with Zip and his
      > > > story about Monty sayin NO ... GOOD. Zip hung his
      > > > head, but every one was cheering ... and Zip realized
      > > > the kick was good ... and Monty said again NO ...
      > > > GOOD!
      > >
      > > So does this mean that Monty was in unbelieving or that he hates Adam V
      > and
      > > was in denial?
      > >
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