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Re: Keys to Victory Pats vs Cards

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  • frankdanabrewster
    I agree with concentrating on your own strengths, if you re not very familiar with the opponent. If you take Terrell Owens out of a game, Pinkston, Mitchell
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 17, 2004
      I agree with concentrating on your own strengths, if you're not very
      familiar with the opponent. If you take Terrell Owens out of a game,
      Pinkston, Mitchell and Chad Lewis will kill you. Play solid D, and
      play to your strengths on O.

      No one knows how bad Ty's injury is, except the coaching staff, but I
      also agree that a hammy is nothing to fool around with. I have to
      assume that it's not too serious, or they wouldn't take the chance.
      They could lose him for an extended period.

      I love the 3-4, and I think it works equally well against a run or
      pass oriented offense. It provides great flexibility for the LBs.
      Emmitt's a great runner, but he's not what Edge is today. He doesn't
      worry me.

      I think this is a breakout game for us. We have to show that we can
      exploit, and blow out a weaker team. I think we will.

      Pats - 38
      Cards - 10

      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, "Randy Z Pierce" <alaric02@s...> wrote:
      > The 1-0 New England Patriots head to the Desert for a battle with
      the Arizona Cardinals in which they are heavily favored. The Cards
      were a lower tier team and have endured a rash of injuries along with
      the house-cleaning of Coach Denny Green. While many folks banter
      about the "Trap" phenomenon the Patriots are outwardly keeping to the
      "One Game at a TIme" mantra which served them so well. A bye week
      looming isn't drawing their attention away from a fairly solid game
      last week by the Cardinals and a few dangerous aspects which include
      the NFLs top rusher in Emmitt Smith whom is still fresh enough to be
      dangerous as well as Wide Receiver phenom Fitzgerald. So what must
      the Patriots do to avoid the perils of the desert?
      > 1) This one falls strongly on the Coaches, lacking sufficient film
      of Cardinal tendencies, the Coaching staff should game plan to their
      own strengths more than to the Cardinal 'weak' points. Certainly
      match-ups may be exploited but team tendencies are too unclear to
      depend upon. While the Colts dependably failed to utilize the running
      game enough, the Cards are an unknown. So for the Pats their
      strengths are Brady's play-action to a host of wide receivers with
      newcomver Dillon getting his chance to break out and show why they
      brought him to New England. Still a pass to set up the run to set up
      the play action but definitely letting Brady carry the primary
      responsibility in this game. Defensively they must stay within their
      comfort zones and let their superior talent help carry the day with
      only two points of significant game-planning which are the next two
      keys to the game.
      > 2) Be wary of Ty Law's injury and any match up resulting which puts
      him against sped. Whether Law is ready or not isn't discernable from
      the Injury report which leaves him absent but in the extra heat a
      hamstring is extra suspect whether due to conditioning, dehydration or
      muscle damage. The Colts exploited the injured Law any time he
      rejoined the game - the Pats cannot afford such risks this game and so
      handling Fitzgerald may be left to Law if at full strength but
      otherwise there better be double coverage ready for him.
      > 3) Surprisingly turnovers are not on the list although they will
      always be a high risk to swing a game's results. Handling the aged
      Emmitt is third. New England's Front 7 were pushed around a fair bit
      by a good Colts line. The Cardinals have less quality but high
      motivation. While both Traylor and Willfork showed progress later in
      the game, the Pats cannot afford to allow so much easy ground yardage
      to get the Cardinals into the game and pushing for their Hall of Fame
      back. If the 3-4 is giving up the yards, the Pats must more speedily
      react with a switch to a more run defensive front stance. Emmitt will
      happily power up the middle and constantly evade the powerful tackle
      to keep himself fresh for the long term steady chain moving. The more
      he gets going the tougher it will be to contain Fitzgerald and the
      Cardinals. Put them out of the game early with several 3 and out
      series and you'll have a team ready to collapse on itself too quickly.
      > Prediction:
      > Patriots 31 - Cardinals - 13
      > Go Pats!
      > Zip
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