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Re: Cuting a player

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  • George R
    ***** So, is he denying here that he s a liar? ;-) George ... ===== George ** Belichick IS NFL Coach of the Year! ** ** & The Patriots dynasty has begun! **
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2004
      ***** So, is he denying here that he's a liar? ;-)


      --- PatsWickedPissah@... wrote:

      > BB today on patriots.com
      > Q: Who tells a player he has been cut?
      > BB: Usually what happens, it's not always the same
      > because the circumstances
      > aren't always the same, but normally what happens is
      > the player is brought to
      > someplace where we can sit down and talk to him.
      > He's talked to by people in
      > the organization. Scott [Pioli] and I talk to them.
      > Then other people, the
      > position coach, depending on the relationship, but
      > different coaches will talk to
      > them based on how much of a relationship they have
      > had with them. If it was a
      > big special teams player or if it was a position
      > coach, depending on where the
      > guy had come from. We explain to them what is going
      > on, and it varies from
      > player to player. Some players you release and you
      > kind of tell them, 'We
      > probably wouldn't bring you back. We just feel like
      > you need to move on or we need
      > to move on.' Other players you might have interest
      > in bringing back, depending
      > on the situation. You let them know that. Other
      > players you tell them, if they
      > want to know what the situation is or what they need
      > to work on, sometimes
      > they ask about that. Some guys are emotional. Some
      > guys see the writing on the
      > wall, maybe, and halfway expect it, or might even be
      > relieved by it to a
      > degree. All those things vary. That would be a
      > normal situation, but not everything
      > is normal, so they don't all happen that way.
      > Sometimes the timing is
      > different for one reason or another. I think the
      > main thing is to try to be honest and
      > up front with a player and tell him not what he
      > wants to hear, me going in
      > there saying, 'Well, I really wanted to keep you,
      > but Pioli wanted to get rid of
      > you so that's why we're cutting you.' One of those
      > shots. We're not big on
      > that. We just try to be honest and up front with the
      > guy and let him know what
      > really the situation is here, for better or worse,
      > even though that might not
      > be what they want to hear.
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