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re: NPC - Need computer nerd help!

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  • George R
    ***** Ummm ... ah ... er ... OK. ... I m going to save this one for a day when I have several hours to follow it. :-) Sorry, I REALLY appreciate your help, and
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 5, 2004
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      ***** Ummm ... ah ... er ... OK. ... I'm going to save
      this one for a day when I have several hours to follow
      it. :-) Sorry, I REALLY appreciate your help, and my
      guess is that this will probably fix it for me. But I
      REALLY am at a loss beyond the very basics of
      operating a PC, and I have no idea what I'm doing in

      ***** As I said, when I have time available (I'm going
      out in an hour or so), I think I can crawl my way
      through your instructions. So I will try it later.

      ***** Again, sincere thanks for taking the time to
      provide such detailed steps. Wish I knew at a glance
      what the hell you said, but that is not the case. :-)

      George (picturing Bama's head exploding!) ;-)

      --- patslist@... wrote:

      > I had a similiar issue recently with one of my kids
      > PC's. I found
      > spyware (browser hijack app) was the culprit.
      > There's a few ways to
      > clean.
      > It's possibly a local DNS entry in your �Hosts� file
      > that may point to a
      > site other than yahoo. Not an uncommon method for
      > these trojan programs
      > to use. If you are fimiliar with the DOS edit
      > command you could edit the
      > hosts file. Do a search of your drive of hosts*.*
      > You will find a file
      > that looks something like this:
      > # For example:
      > #
      > # rhino.acme.com #
      > source server
      > # x.acme.com # x
      > client host
      > localhost
      > You can remove bogus entries in this file.
      > ---------------
      > The method I used to fix this issue was taking the
      > application out of
      > startup and then running spyware removal application
      > (adaware). Spy
      > Sweeper and Adaware both do a good job cleaning a
      > machine. Just be sure
      > you update the database.
      > If you have any experience with the registry I would
      > start there before
      > running the spyware removal application. It helps to
      > be sure nothing
      > will be in memory when the cleaner is trying to
      > remove it - which can
      > make it difficult if it's well written.
      > Start in Safe Mode.
      > Go to Start then type: REGEDIT
      > Navigate to the folder,
      > You should only see a few things there on the RIGHT
      > side. These are
      > typically things that startup when you first boot.
      > Personally, I do not
      > want any application running at startup. So I keep
      > this path clean of
      > anything.
      > But look for some obvious executables that look
      > suspicious and delete
      > those registry keys.
      > Do the same for the path
      > Reboot the system.
      > Then run the spyware removal program.
      > ---------------
      > This should correct the issue.

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