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Mrs B's 7/31 Report

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  • Karen Cardoza
    July 31, Afternoon Session Headed out to camp with Jacob as Al had to work this afternoon. They opened up the P6 Entrance (like last year) instead of
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        July 31, Afternoon Session

           Headed out to camp with Jacob as Al had to work this afternoon.  They opened up the P6 Entrance (like last year) instead of directing everyone up and around the ProShop parking lot through P1.  Not sure if this was a permanent change or because they anticipated huge crowds on the weekend.  We got a nice spot on the the grassy knoll in the front row but next time I need to remember to bring a towel or something to sit on; dried grass plastered to the back of your legs isn't the most comfortable thing in the world!

          It was hot and muggy and the guys came out in full pads  which surprised me; I thought it would be shorts this afternoon and pads tomorrow morning...  Anyway, Mr. Kraft came out with Ty Law and he was on the field for most of the practice session.  He spent some time talking to Rodney Harrison as he stretched out on the sidelines. 

          During the initial drills, LBs worked on scooping up loose footballs, WRs hit the jugs in the field closest to me. Special Teams walked through KO returns. Everyone stretched out then they broke off into groups.  McGinest still wasn't dressed and Ted Johnson wasn't either this afternoon.  I counted 15 Walking Wounded heading out with the trainers.  Rohan was back in his Number 6 jersey. Kevin Faulk practiced today and looked no worse for the wear.  During positional drills everyone ran through obstacles then QBs tossed medicine balls, DBs worked on INTs, LBs hit the sleds, Special Teams worked with Seeley.  The best drill to watch though was the WRs who ran around four cones shaped like a square. They caught a ball on each side.

         Lots of blocking and tackling was going on when they worked on the running game.  Ball boys handed off to the running backs as they followed the blocks through the holes.  Three separate groups were going at it at once and it was  the most physical play I've seen yet at camp. TBC drilled Zeron Flemister and Tedy downed Hochstein like a feather at one point.

       WRs were running routes (with no coverage) Bethel made a nice catch close to the ground, Michael Jennings caught a long one over the shoulder near the sidelines.

      Troy filled in again on defense.

      Klecko in the middle with the second team and his buddy TBC at OLB with the first.  (Klecko and Tully hang together at camp like the Wilson/Samuel tandem from last year.)


      Catch of the Day:  Long bomb to Patten with Law in tight coverage.  Patten stayed down for a bit but got up to the congrats of Ty and the relief of the fans..

      Silly Stuff of the Day:  Corey Dillon picking up Harrison and running with him in his arms after a play.. I  think could hear 37 laughing from where I was.

      Welcome Back: Kevin Faulk... looked really strong today and certainly is a fan favorite.

          They ended practice with quite a few sprints then DB's came over to sign after everyone did their final positional group things.  LBs happened to be right in front of us, so Tedy came over to sign a few.  Jacob got his football signed,  I said hi and chatted for a minute then moved back away from the ropes to let the kids in.  Ran into Caty from my board and  a couple of girls who told me they came to the site and like it too.

          Heading out early tomorrow morning so it'll be pictures update later tonight then I REALLY need to get the Cinderella thing going and clean this pit!

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