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Re: [patriotzip] FA Punter Prospect

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  • kajivar@larp.com
    That s not funny. :( nicole
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 8, 2004
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      That's not funny. :(


      > NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) -- A man was arrested on charges of killing his
      > neighbor's 17-year-old dog by place-kicking it like a football.
      > Chad Daniel Crawford, 23, was charged with cruelty to animals and
      > vandalism
      > Tuesday in the death of Gizmo, a 2-pound miniature Yorkshire terrier.
      > Crawford was freed on $25,000 bail.
      > Jalani Lewis said he was in his apartment complex when he saw one of three
      > men holding the dog like a football and then saw Crawford kick the animal.
      > Lewis said the dog flew through the air in a high arc, hit the pavement
      > and
      > rolled under a parked car. The dog was apparently dead when it hit the
      > ground and the men were laughing, Lewis said.
      > ***********************
      > Unfortunately, no data on how far the dog went in the air or on hang time.
      > -p
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