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  • Randy Z Pierce
    I m vastly in agreement with you save for the exasperation of fellow fans not falling in with your confident belief system. There is no doubt our ability to
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      I'm vastly in agreement with you save for the exasperation of fellow fans not falling in with your confident belief system.  There is no doubt our ability to play a 3-4 is hinged upon a quality Nose Tackle although whether this must be the stud of the defense is in considerable debate.  It's interesting to note we gave up more yards on the ground WITH Washington in 12 games than without him for 7.  This was pointed out on the Bosco list but stats can say many things.  In 2001 we won without a marquee NT and did employ some 3-4.  This year it was rare without TW.  I'd love to get a quality NT but I believe a serviceable option is acceptable.  Will it limit us?  As surely as having only Kevin Faulk at RB will limit us.  The ultimate team sport is football and it requires a skillfull tactician to balance the array of talent provided in order to mold a champion.  In 2001 we were the best TEAM but were not the most talented team.  In 2003 (obviously IMO on both counts) we were the most talented team and the best TEAM.
      Prefers football analogies for his football though :)
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      Not that it wasn't before, but now that Ted Washington's gone, the number one priority has to be drafting a nose tackle high (I mean in the first round - like Wilfork).  Without one, we can't play the 3-4 and 4-3 interchangeably (we can't play the 3-4 at all).
      In importance, all other positions except quarterback and "straightforward" defensive tackle are window dressing compared to nose tackle.  So, all of this talk about running back is just as silly as the talk most years about drafting a wide receiver in the first round.
      I'm not sure why it doesn't sink in with my fellow Patriots fans, but it's not about the flashy players and the players who score touchdowns.  It's about defense, quarterback and linemen.  The running back need can wait until next year.  It's similar to my fellow Red Sox fans asking for more hitting, when pitching and defense is what wins (they should have spent the Kevin Millar  money on pitching - maybe then, 1918 would have been exorcised).  He's a fat, one-dimensional pig - all he does is hit - and he didn't hit in the 2003 post-season.  Look in the dictionary under "bum" - you'll see his picture.  Plus, I hate cowboys!
      If you want to win a world championship, your number one task is:  stop the other team from scoring.

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