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Re: [patriotzip] Re: Opening Day, err.. night

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  • Sue Von Iderstine
    Hi Everyone... I m on the waiting list and received a letter offering tickets before they went on sale to the general public...ha! As soon as the phone lines
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 27, 2004
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      Hi Everyone...
      I'm on the waiting list and received a letter offering tickets before they went on sale to the general public...ha!  As soon as the phone lines opened I tried to get tickets for hours and wasn't able to get through.  There were 2 numbers and when I tried to call one of them...I got the message that the number was no longer in service....Then came playoff time...Again I got a letter saying that waiting list members would have first refusal...I wasn't even able to get onto that web site before they were gone...I too, have had to rely on season ticket holders to go to games...I have been on the list for 3 seasons...and from what I hear...I probably won't get season tickets for years. 
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      Date: 02/27/04 10:03:29
      Subject: [patriotzip] Re: Opening Day, err.. night
      Last year Me, Dean, Zilla & Tom & Jim Brown from our club got
      organized so that we were hitting the phones and the online
      ticketmaster site at the same time! We got nothing out of it!  The
      closest we came was Dean got through on the website had the tickets
      for the Dolphins game there for the taking. When he went to put the
      order through he got denied due to our region being sold out!
      Apparently the 1000 tickets per game were further split into various

      Fortunately that year we had Jim K, a season ticket holder join our
      fan club(Patriots Fan Club of Rochester, NY - www.patriotsny.com) so
      Zilla & I were able to make it to one of the most eventful roadtrips
      I ever experienced!

      We will again try to score tickets for the club this year but its
      nice to have a season ticket holder to fall back on!

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      > Last year I believe the date was June 4th so I think you may be
      right Kathy!  I remember being online AND on the phone with
      Ticketmaster and tix were sold out within 3 minutes (although single
      seats could still be had for a few minutes after that.)
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