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Re: [patriotzip] Ho-Hum

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  • Christopher Robert Woods
    If you spell Tedy s name like a girl one more time, I m going to fling poo at you. ... ===== Christopher Robert Woods - tradebledsoe@yahoo.com No one ever
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 7, 2003
      If you spell Tedy's name like a girl one more time,
      I'm going to fling poo at you.

      --- George R <patsfangr@...> wrote:
      > ***** Just kidding. There's no downgrading the
      > incredible performance of our D ... again! And that
      > key play by Tedi, clinching the victory ... again!
      > And the offence doing virtually nothing all day, but
      > *just* enough to get the win ... again! And Miami,
      > with teeth chattering, and bodies shivering, looking
      > like they just wanted to go sit by the fire ...
      > again!
      > ***** Seriously, this game, while nerve racking, and
      > filled with all the tension we could stand right up
      > until Tedi's TD, went almost exactly according the
      > script we would have imagined in those conditions.
      > ***** And now, HFA throughout the playoffs in our
      > hands. How great is that?!
      > ***** There really isn't much of a positive nature
      > to say about the offense. "They make enough mistakes
      > to hurt us" is about it.
      > ***** Likewise, there simply aren't enough words in
      > the language to describe how superb was the play of
      > the defense.
      > ***** I congratulate every fan who attended. Not
      > only did they show their support just by braving
      > that weather to be there; but they also made as much
      > noise as any full crowd I've seen all season. BRAVO!
      > to every one of you !!
      > ***** Three games to go, and the Division
      > Championship clinched. Somebody pinch me. This has
      > got to be a dream!
      > George
      > ** Belichick IS NFL Coach of the Year! **

      Christopher Robert Woods - tradebledsoe@...
      "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public." - HL Mencken

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