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RBs for Sunday

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  • George R
    ***** I d like to see Cloud in there, rather than Smith. I prefer Cloud s quickness to the hole, not to mention his discipline in running into the designated
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2003
      ***** I'd like to see Cloud in there, rather than Smith. I prefer Cloud's quickness to the hole, not to mention his discipline in running into the designated hole, to Smith's tippy-toe, hesitation style on far too many plays. Take the damn ball, and DRIVE into the area where the play is designed to go! Cloud does that. Then, if he through that first level, he has the quickness to adjust for a few more yards. And let's not forget that he's from a cold weather college background also.
      ***** So I'd go with Cloud, Faulk, and Pass. I expect that Belichick will go with Smith, Faulk, and Pass. I hope it doesn't cost us a couple of key first downs because of Smith's failure to hit the hole.
      ***** BTW, I saw it mentioned somewhere earlier this week that Faulk's blocking has improved. Has it ever! I specifically noticed him doing an excellent job picking up blitzes, and doubling up on Freeney last week. He still doesn't do well consistently inside; but I give him credit for having an overall good season.
      ***** Likewise, Pass showed me some very good lead blocks last week. He made a great one on the first Cloud TD. He also has to be described as a guy who truly excels at nothing, but does many things well - KO returns, lead blocking, pass protection, pass receiving, and an occasional run. He's a valuable team member.
      ***** As for the draft, my initial research gives me the following as my top 3:

      #1 - Chris Perry, Michigan. SR 6'1"/228#  Rush yds - 1589  Rec 43/366.    Perry is, IMO, easily the best RB in the draft. His 154 yds against an outstanding Ohio St defense said it all. He has the size we want, plus is a good receiver out of the backfield. I'm for giving whatever it takes to move up far enough to get him!

      #2 - Steven Jackson, Oreg St. JR (so this is IF he comes out)  6'3"/229. Rush yds 1334 Rec 34/380. Another big guy who is also a good receiver - important in our offense. Watch him today against USC, a great defense, in a very big game.

      #3 - Michael Turner, N.Illinois. SR 6'0"/228 Rush yds 1648!! (1915 last year!) Rec was only 19/230, but that's enough to indicate that he can catch the ball. Lesser competition, of course; but those are very impressive numbers. Let's watch for him in the all-star games!

      "Honorable Mention" - If Jackson doesn't come out, there's another JR that's a strong "maybe". Kevin Jones, VaTech. 6'0"/209 Rush yds 1494 Rec 10/136. I'm not overly impressed with his size, or receiving ability. I certainly wouldn't want to give up anything to move up for him, if he does come out for the draft. But he might be a decent RB, if we can't get one of the other 3.

      ***** As I said, my top priority is definitely Chris Perry, at this early time in draft preparation. Whatever it takes. I'm in full "Rifleman mode" for this draft. We need a premier RB to complete this team. I certainly would not be disappointed with either Jackson or Turner.

      ***** But enough of that for now. Let's just go out and beat the Dolphins to clinch the Eastern Division Championship! ... Oh yeah, and GO BRONCOS!



      ** Belichick IS NFL Coach of the Year! **
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