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Re: Gone Fishin?

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  • Bill Beaulac
    ... From: Karen Cardoza ... coach ... hard ... Bruschi ... have ... This is what I love about TB. He reminds me of Brett Farve . . .
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      From: "Karen Cardoza" <bruschifan1@...>
      > But there's nothing hanging over Bruschi's head. There's no payback of
      > Parcells driving him. He did not leave his old coach, nor did the old
      > leave him, on bad terms. He played hard for Parcells, just as he played
      > for Pete Carroll and Belichick. The coaches have come and gone, but
      > has remained the same, which is why all of the coaches he's played for
      > loved coaching him.
      This is what I love about TB. He reminds me of Brett Farve . . .
      he plays the game because he loves it. The term "The NFL is
      business" does not apply. TB, and guys like farve, would play
      for free. It does not matter to me if they are the best at their
      positions, the love for the game that they bring counter acts that.
      What these guys have reminds me of myself when coming up
      through the hockey ranks . . . a love for the game. The difference
      is that they have a touch more talent for what they do than I did.
      I sincerely hope that Ted Bruschi retires as a New England

      -bill [ PATS 12 ]
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