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Running Ineptitude - Players or Coaches?

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  • George R
    ***** Here s a topic for some discussion as we await the invasion of the dreaded America s Team . As I watch other games and highlights, I m constantly
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6 6:30 PM
      ***** Here's a topic for some discussion as we await the invasion of
      the dreaded "America's Team". As I watch other games and highlights,
      I'm constantly frustrated by the occasional sprint through the line of
      various RBs that never seems to appear for our team.

      ***** I'm talking about the many occasions when you see a RB go at full
      speed through a hole big enough for Cecil and Ed to share. On such
      plays, the RB is 3 yards past the LOS, with space around him, and able
      to make a move or two to escape defenders who have to close on him.

      ***** The question at hand is, why do we virtually never see such holes
      for our RBs? They are nearly always hit well short of that 2-3 yards,
      usually by more than one defender. Is that because:
      A. They don't hit the hole fast enough?
      B. The OL doesn't create such holes, even for a split second?
      C. A combination of the above?
      D. The coaches (Weis/Dante) haven't designed the blocking properly to
      create the opportunity for the OL to create such holes?

      ***** The last option is one we really haven't discussed much. But I
      have to seriously wonder if that isn't the problem. It just seems that
      our running plays always begin with a wall of players, ours and
      defenders, in front of the RB. Couldn't it be the fault of the blocking
      scheme, as much, if not more than the talent of the players?

      ***** OK, Brew, you're on!

      ** Belichick IS NFL Coach of the Year! **
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