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  • Randy Pierce
    There is a theme to my favorite regular season wins - see if you can figure it out in under .3 milliseconds. 2001 we beat Miami on the final game of the year.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 21, 2003
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      There is a theme to my favorite regular season wins - see if you can
      figure it out in under .3 milliseconds.

      2001 we beat Miami on the final game of the year. I spent the pre-
      game on the field having just got my award as 2001 Fan of the Year.
      I was next to Henderson as he drove out the Snow Plow and asked how
      the NFL felt about that little move before the game. The answer by
      the lovely public relations lass: "I guess we'll find out after they
      find out!" Pats had some great plays burned in my mind like the
      Kevin Faulk pitch then trow back to Brady for a key first down. The
      game sent us to the Playoffs and ultimately with as the #2 seed!

      1994 Final game. SNow on the ground and a young gun named Drew
      Bledsoe rallied the troops to knock Miami out of the playoffs and
      notch the fourth straight win for the Patriots (I believe). AFter
      the game Bledsoe was in our section throwing snowballs into the
      crowd - it was tremendously energized.

      Minnesota Viking Rally in Foxboro - just how many completions and
      attempts can any quarterback make? There was no doubt we could do
      nothing but pass - and pass we did. To Timpson, To LeROY Thompson,
      to Brisby, to Turner, to Gash and of course always to Coates - and
      Coates and Coates.

      Opening day in Miami (93?) I was down there to watch Marino and
      Bledsoe battle back and forth in an aerial shootout. The last team
      with the ball was going to win. Crittendon had THE best catch I've
      ever seen in my life .... and yeah I could see back then. Coates
      fumbled as New England drove to go ahead in the final moments. We
      lost the ball and consequently the game but what a shootout - it was
      two tremendous talents at the top of their game.

      Back in 1987ish I was in Foxboro for a battle with the Jets when
      Steve Grogan just could not miss. Stanley Morgan and Irving Fryar
      were embarrassing the Jets DBs on virtually every play. The final
      score was something near 44-3 by my rough recollection. I'm sure
      that's wrong but it was quite the game. Got my Irving Fryar Jersey
      that day - last guy to wear #80 before the someday legendary Troy

      Off the top of my head mind you...
      Miami is always a popular win for me I guess.

      There were also the two Miracles in the Meadowlands in 96 when we
      rallied from 21 down to beat the Jets and then topped it with a 22
      point debt recovery against the GiANTS. Ahhh I love the nostalgia...

      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, George R <patsfangr@y...> wrote:
      > ***** They are "regular season". I really did mean regular season
      > when I asked that question about "greatest wins". Sorry. Obviously,
      > there can be no greater win in Patriots' history than SB XXXVI! And
      > other playoff wins that have been mentioned by several of you are
      > bigger and better than Sunday's win over the Phins. Again, apologies
      > for the omission of those two very key words for the discussion.
      > were in my head, but failed to transmit to my fingers! :-)
      > =====
      > George
      > ** Belichick IS NFL Coach of the Year! **
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