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It's the Law!

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  • George R
    Miguel wrote: IMO, I much rather have Law at $5.4 million on the Patriots roster than Law at $5.7 million OFF the field
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 21, 2003
      Miguel wrote: <<< snipped old stuff for brevity >>>

      "IMO, I much rather have Law at $5.4 million on the Patriots roster
      Law at $5.7 million OFF the field AND playing on another team."

      ***** We agree on that, Miguel. If, indeed, the cap hit is higher, or
      even no lower, keeping him, then it makes no sense to me to cut him. I
      haven't seen it projected that way previously. But, again, I think it
      obvious that if there's NO cap savings involved *next season*, there's
      no benefit to cutting him. We'll have to wait and see if that is
      actually the case.

      >"What about Brady's 2004 cap number??It is a million less than Law's.
      > Yet there is no hue and cry
      > 1.)that it is too high
      > 2.)that it will hurt the Patriots
      > 3.)that Brady has a superstar ego."
      > ***** Again, I must concur with Chris' point. Huard and Davey are not
      > the equivalent level of backup at QB as are Samuel and Wilson at CB.
      > I'll add to that the fact that, under any circumstances, a QB is
      > certainly more essential to any team than any CB.

      "That adequately addresses point 1. How about points 2 and 3?? The cap
      is a fixed amount. If $9.5 million on one player is going to hurt a
      team, then surely $8.5 million is??"

      ***** Excuse me if I missed your point again (I never claim to be a cap
      expert); but it seems to me that $9.5 mil PLUS $8.5 mil is $18 mil -
      and THAT would hurt a hell-of-a-lot more than the $9.5 mil alone,
      wouldn't it?

      "Ty Law is due to get $6.75 million in cash ($5.65 million salary, $1
      million roster and $100,000 workout bonus money). $6.75 million in cash
      for a shutdown corner is certainly reasonable."

      ***** Remember my earlier point about Belichick's defensive plans? If
      he and Romeo can succeed *without* a "shutdown corner", then isn't it
      reasonable to say that such a player is *not* worth that kind of money,
      at the cost of paying multiple good players at other positions
      essential to the game plans? I repeat, Miguel, value is relative, not
      absolute. Good OC's can game plan around any one defensive player. The
      genius of the Belichick/Crennel defenses is in the confusion created by
      the schemes, NOT in the talent of one or two All Pro caliber players.
      Having such players is wonderful ... as long as you can afford to pay
      them, AND the other players you need to execute your game plans.

      "Law has never said that he would not restructure his deal. He has said
      that he would refuse to take a pay cut. If the Patriots convert a great
      deal of his salary into a signing bonus, he will have both kept his
      claim and lowered his cap number. I do not think that Law's refusal to
      take less than that $6.75 million shows that he has a superstar ego."

      ***** The cap hit is the factor that counts. I think you and I agree on
      that, Miguel. If the Pats feel that they must lower that cap hit, which
      it appears they do, then Law and his leech must agree to do so, or be
      gone. I couldn't care less what combination of base salary and signing
      bonus they use to do so. I doubt that the Pats care either. The net
      effect on the cap is the only thing that should matter. Lower it, which
      an allocated signing bonus should do, and stay. Or refuse to do so, and
      go. Bottom line.

      ** Belichick IS NFL Coach of the Year! **
    • George R
      Miguel wrote: Once again, I will point that it is very possible to give Law his $6 plus million in cash and still have money to obtain other players. You and
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 21, 2003
        Miguel wrote:

        "Once again, I will point that it is very possible to give Law his $6
        plus million in cash and still have money to obtain other players. You
        and Chris can keep on saying that it is EITHER/OR situation but it is
        simply not true."

        ***** I will just close this by saying that I will be both surprised
        and disappointed if Law is released under those circumstances. If the
        Pats say they need a cap reduction, they need a cap reduction. If, as
        you said earlier, they do not net a cap reduction by releasing him,
        then I don't believe we have anything to worry about. I can't imagine
        BB releasing a player of that caliber with no benefit to offset the

        ***** Despite my previously expressed feelings on the socio-economic
        issue of outrageous incomes, I have no problem with the specific amount
        that Ty Law, or any player, is paid. The market is what it is, and my
        comments on the philosophical level are not the reason for my position
        on the Ty Law situation. I'm simply saying that I believe BB makes his
        decisions based upon the total picture; and, to date, those decisions
        have not hurt this team's chances for a SB.

        ***** The balance of talent, budget/cap, and game plans is something
        about which none of us has all the information necessary to make such
        decisions. (My expertise is limited to TEs, right Phil?!) :-) The right
        decision requires consideration of every detail of all three of those
        factors. At about this time next year, we'll all know how BB decided to
        handle Law's contractual situation. We'll also have a pretty good idea
        of the effect of that decision on team performance by then. For now,
        I'm content to enjoy the outstanding performance of the coaches and
        players this season. The results to date certainly seem to have quieted
        the hue and cry about the loss of our "indespensable team leader" and
        All Pro SS, Lawyer Milloy.

        ** Belichick IS NFL Coach of the Year! **
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