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Turmoil in Jetland

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    Jets: Edwards-Johnson rift sets off alarms in NFL Sunday, September 28, 2003 BY DAVE HUTCHINSON Star-Ledger Staff The NFL was so concerned about the
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      Jets: Edwards-Johnson rift sets off alarms in NFL

      Sunday, September 28, 2003

      Star-Ledger Staff

      The NFL was so concerned about the disagreement between Jets head coach Herman Edwards and owner Woody Johnson that commissioner Paul Tagliabue called Johnson on Friday to help smooth things over, according to a league official.

      Edwards and Johnson had a falling-out over comments Johnson made on Wednesday regarding the Jets' playoff chances and the talent level on the team. Edwards then challenged the organization to fire him if it wasn't satisfied with his job performance.

      "The commissioner called Woody and explained to him that he had lost his starting
      quarterback (Chad Pennington)," the league official said, on the condition he not be
      identified. "And he told him what type of person and coach Herman Edwards is. I think it helped."

      Although Johnson paid a whopping $635 million for the team and is a big fan, his knowledge of the inner workings of the game and what it takes to win in the NFL is limited. Last season, he watched film with coaches to better understand the game, but hasn't resumed that practice this season as of yet.

      Tagliabue, who has come under fire in recent years for the lack of minority head coaches, is watching the Jets' situation closely because Edwards is one of only three black head coaches in the NFL. Tony Dungy of the Colts and Marvin Lewis of the Bengals are the others.

      {If this IS a factor here, I can't see other owners rushing to hire bruthas as HCs given the problems they'd have if it didn't go well.  Tags is making it HARDER for men of color to get hired.  It IS a problem in the NFL but this isn't helping.}

      One of the reasons the Jets went to Japan in August was because Tagliabue wanted to showcase Edwards and the Jets, one of the league's prominent franchises. Edwards, 49, is one of the rising stars in the NFL's coaching ranks. He has led the Jets to the playoffs
      in each of his first two seasons, the first coach in franchise history to do so.

      On Friday, Johnson and Edwards spoke on the practice field and came away with a better
      understanding of each other. Johnson is said to have told Edwards he's his coach and he
      understood some of the hardships Edwards was facing with regard to injuries.

      According to someone close to Edwards, the flare-up has brought the two closer. Edwards
      understands Johnson is still learning on the job, but the owner, perhaps unintentionally, put Edwards on the spot when he said the team had enough talent to reach the playoffs, despite the loss of Pennington. When Johnson said that, Edwards, feeling he had been painted into a corner, got defensive.

      Of course, the best cure for Edwards' headaches would be a much-needed victory today, when the 0-3 Jets meet the Cowboys at the Meadowlands

      Let me simply state that Woody is an ass.

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