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Re: Too many zeroes

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  • southwestnut
    If that was the concern (the zeroes) than that should have come up before 5 days before the regular season starts. Milloy s CAP NUMBER was $5.6M, but that s
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2003
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      If that was the concern (the zeroes) than that should have come up
      before 5 days before the regular season starts. Milloy's CAP NUMBER
      was $5.6M, but that's not his salary for the year. What is the cap
      number with Malloy gone? His salary was $4M for the upcoming year,
      perhaps that's too much, but the Patriots SIGNED THAT CONTRACT. He
      hasn't missed a game, hasn't missed a practice, provided character
      and leadership to the team and made the Pro Bowl two times in the
      first three years of the contract. It certainly seems to me that he
      lived up to his end of the contract.

      However, if the Pats were going to let him go than they should have
      given him plenty of time to find another team. That would have been
      the decent thing to do to a player who has given 100% to the
      Patriots over 7 years. And if I am Milloy's agent the first thing I
      do when Patriots talk about "renegotiating" the contract I am
      talking to all the NFL GM's and letting them know what's going on.
      Of course, that probably undermines the Patriots negotiation
      position if they try to market Milloy.

      In all likelihood it was a bad contract (Done by Grier, I believe).
      But the Patriots can not afford to get a reputation for letting
      players go at the last minute when they don't like the contract.

      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, John Warren <packy001@y...> wrote:
      > I think Jim Donaldson's column in todays Providence
      > Journal sums it up pretty well ...
      > Too many zeroes on his paycheck. Too many zeroes on
      > his stat line.
      > Milloy was going to make $5,600,000 this season.
      > That's a lot of zeroes. Particularly for a guy who
      > last year had zero interceptions, zero fumble
      > recoveries, zero forced fumbles, and zero sacks.
      > But not exactly zero ego.
      > "I'm second to none," Milloy proclaimed at mini-camp
      > in June. "I know what I can do. You guys want to bring
      > up stats and all that. I'm second to none. That's the
      > bottom line."
      > Also in the Projo, Tom Curran hints that there may be
      > something fishy going on and a possible tampering
      > case. This would be hard to prove, but if Milloy
      > started shopping his services before he was released,
      > that could have a major affect upon his playing
      > somewhere else. Remeber in the case of Ted Johnson,
      > they gave him permission to seek a new deal while stil
      > under contract with the Pats. They didn't with
      > Milloy. If he and his agent went out and solicited
      > offers from other teams, even to determine his worth
      > on the open market, that would be in violation.
      > If he is signed today or tommorrow, look for the
      > Patriots to file a petition with the league that
      > prevents Milloy from even attending meetings (never
      > mind playing) with the new team over the alleged
      > tampering charges.
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