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Mrs. B's Annual Training Camp Reports 8/4 PM

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  • Karen C
    Tonight s practice was on the Turf field, but luckily they allowed us to stand around the field to watch. It reminded me of being at Bryant with the guys so
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2003
      Tonight's practice was on the Turf field, but luckily they allowed us to stand around the field to watch.  It reminded me of being at Bryant with the guys so close to the sidelines!  Big Al got some great action pictures, I'm sure.  (btw... haven't scanned any of his work yet, I've only been able to post my digital stuff thusfar.)  It was a full pad practice focusing a lot on scout team action.  It was nice to Big Willie and Andruzzi dressed for action tonight!  The rest of the walking wounded were still out of commission.  Got a kick out of Pepper's "secret handshake" going with his boys.  I saw him and O-T-I-S doing the routine tonight and he and Law doing it  this morning.  (Pepper is great to watch on the field... he always makes me smile the way he soooo gets into it!)
      Big Al finally got to hear Romeo's famous beckoning call to his boys... "Hur-ry, hur-ry, hur-ry...." when it was time for the defense to do their drills.  (At Gillette  are set up WAY in the far left corner away from the fans, unlike at Bryant where we would hang right at the sidelines where they were working.)  I always got a "Good morning, Karen" from My Man on his first trek over the obstacles... but those days are gone.  RB's were working right in front of us tonight, running through rows of guys with Lil Block pads.  DB's practiced running backwards for the INT. All 4 QBs lined up as their receivers (TE, WR, RB) all ran different routes.   Lots of completions... and Givens  always stands out to me.  Lots of blocking and tackling going on for the  Linemen....
      Brendan Stai took a lap for a false start during drills.  Antowain's clearly getting the nod as he had most of the carries tonight. During goal line work, Fauria had a beautiful TD grab in our EZ. During scout work, Klecko made a catch and although Lonie was playing catch, he must have used the eyes behind his head because he yelled out an exagerated Klehhhhhh-cko!!  (I think he's either taking a liking to the rookie or at least likes his name!!) Tedy B leapt into to the air to block a pass and let out a big yell... (It's like the mother thing, I guess.... I can pick out his voice in a crowd like a mother can identify her own babies cries...LOL)
      Bobby Hamilton has taken Ty Warren under his wing as he was mentoring him out there when he was confused on a play.  Buck Rasmussen took a lap for jumping... Even veteran AP took one tonight too!  Now that was a rare sight!  Milloy picked off a Kingsbury pass...Lots of nice punts coming from both boys tonight...Mike Compton went down hurt but walked off under his own power.  I didn't see him out there after it happened though.
      There were a lot of family members there tonight, and during the lulls and the times when they worked down near the other EZ, I got a kick out of watching the little kids running around.  It also reminded me why I was so thin when my kids were toddlers.... Moms  don't sit, EVER!!!  Tedy's two little guys have motors like the old man... they just don't quit!!  After practice, Tedy threw his stuff down and yelled to Klecko to take it in while he ran over to his boys, who were jumping up and down in anticipation!! 
      There weren't many people there and quite a few guys signed after practice. Al had some great shots of Warren and Myers which he had signed. (Warren is now the recipient of the double.... in carrying forth the tradition of providing the big rookies with their first shots to send home to mama!)   He had a good one of TJ and asked him to personalize it for Jacob because he's been trying to get him to sign a football every day and hasn't been in the right place at the right time.  (We didn't have the ball with us tonight and he was at football practice himself.)  Bama will love to hear that Mrs. TJ loved the picture.... and of course Big Al offered her the double.... He said she was looking Fiiiiiiiiiine!
      Mrs. B.... (Have a safe flight home Kate and Rehannen... and see you soon, Angie!)
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