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Mrs. B's Annual Training Reports 8/3

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  • Karen C
    With last night s concert and today s practice under my belt, I ve kept my Gillette streak alive. (The Boss rocked, btw.. and I was stylin in my original
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3 5:25 PM
      With last night's concert and today's practice under my belt, I've kept my
      Gillette streak alive.  (The Boss rocked, btw.. and I was stylin in my
      original 84-85 Born in the USA concert tee shirt!)  Anyway... because of the
      wet grass I was afraid that the boys would be practicing on the Turf field and
      we would get stuck in the stadium bowl, but I was relieved to see the long
      line down by the practice fields rather than at the stadium entrance.  I went
      right to the grassy area rather than sitting in the bleachers and aside from
      the wet butt, I made a good choice.  Darren and Madelyn joined us as did my
      girl, Bledsoeangie.  The "Denver Duo" hitched a ride from a friend and met us
      as well.

      Practice was in full pads and the first thing I noticed was that Larry Centers
      changed his number.  He's got incredibly developed calves and I noticed that
      #43 didn't.  I scoped out the legs and found those babies wearing #31 today,
      taking over Ben Kelly's recently vacated number.  Moreau is now wearing #43.
      Law's still in his partial uniform and was joined by Leonard Myers and WMG
      with part regulation/part sweats.  (They are  participating in some of
      practice rather than spending the entire time with trainers.)   I wondered if
      Seymour was going to have "equipment issues" out there today since he was
      sporting a huge afro rather than his typical braids.  I wasn't sure if his
      helmet would fit his head as well, but alas, it did!

      Practice began with KO returns with Kevin and Bethel in the backfield. Kevin
      caught one back there and Charlie asked him if that was the way he wanted to
      catch that ball... Kevin answered him and he said... "Just checking." Kicking
      team practiced fumble recoveries.  During the WR routes, Troy had quite the
      fan club in the bleachers.  Every time he touched the ball, they erupted.  He
      did make an awesome one handed (left) grab again today that he managed to make
      look easy.  McCrary was practicing  but JR spent the day running.  Walking
      wounded were "skipping" in the far field...(I always get a kick out of that,
      and also that move that looks like they're impersonating male dogs walking
      along and stopping at every hydrant!..lol) Ty Law was running "on the leash"
      and the bike brigade was in full swing.  Deion didn't practice again today...

      During 7:7 drills, Brady and his boys were on fire, connecting on every pass
      in the series.  Fauria made a huge catch but later in the day had to take a
      lap... In fact the entire offense took one for the first time today in
      practice. The boys in blue (defense)  have been doing the running this year.
      Faulk looked real good again today as did Asante Samuels and Eugene Wilson
      (AGAIN!)   who both came up with picks.  Lawyer got 2 picks today as well.
      Lots of scout team work (as we'll be seeing at TC from now on.)

      During a break,  the team came down towards the endzone and people were
      yelling "Happy Birthday, Tom!"  People were singing to him and Faulk Matt
      Light were raising their hands to get the crowd into it... (I thought today's
      practice would have been over flowing with screaming girls, but I'm happy to
      report that it wasn't!) I do hope that my buddy, Linh got to see the birthday
      boy today, though!

      After practice, we were hoping to get a minute with Tedy, but has soon as he
      came near us at the ropes, the swarm came.  People plowed right in front of us
      and were stepping all over my feet.  I just stepped back and let them in...
      Tedy saw us and asked if we needed anything so I finally got that Bruschi Brew
      picture signed and don't have to cart it back and forth anymore.  Tomorrow is
      Kate and Rehannen's last day so they wanted to take a picture with the 3 of us
      and Tedy but today was crazy.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring... I hate
      fighting the crowds and generally hang in the background so I don't get
      trampled! And... looking at the forecast for the week, we may be watching a
      lot of Jumbotron football.

      Mrs. B....( who has  *GASP* only two days of camp left... grrrrrr!)

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      Visit www.patriotworld.com and
      check out TotallyTedy!
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