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Mrs. B's Annual Training Camp Reports 7/29

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  • Karen
    Here s the real condensed version of today s practice since it s midnight and I just got home from a Sushi fest with the Zipster... Another full pads
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2003
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      Here's the real condensed version of today's practice since it's midnight and I just got home from a Sushi fest with  the Zipster...  Another full pads practice, Branch, Pfifer, Baxter, Compton, and Fauria seemed to be resting out of practice today.  Law was back in the sweats, WMG, O-T-I-S, and Patten worked with trainers in the all weather turf field.  Other regular walking wounded hit the bike brigade in the back of the far EZ... Steve hooked up with us and I saw John from WHJJ with his new baby... cutest Pats cheerleader in the joint!
      Punt team worked on trick plays with Izzo taking the snap and shuffle passing to Givens... Later the kicking/punting/snapping boys worked on their fumble recoving skills giving the Red Sox a run for their money in the sliding department.  Receivers worked a drill where  4 cones were lined up on the field making a square box. They ran around them and the ball boys fired bullets at them at close range. 
      I missed the team's rendition of Happy Birthday, while I ran to get an updated roster.  Some around us said it was to Lawyer but his BD isn't until November so I have no clue who was the recipient of the tribute.  Tons of female Brady fans on the grassy knoll screaming their heads off at every play.  During 1:1 drills RB/LB and CB/WR standout plays were a great catches by Cedrick Ward and Brown.  Graham made a nice grab with tight coverage from Chatham and TJ got burned bad at one point and threw his helmet down in disgust. 
      The ACTION of the day occured on back to back plays involving Harrison.  It appeared that he smacked Hochstein and they started to  scuffle... Seymour stepped in to break it up.  On the next play Harrison hit Faulk HARD... Faulk  was pissed then beaned him off the head with the football.  Ashworth didn't like Faulk's treatment and went after Harrison.  Punches were being thrown and suddenly the entire squad was involved.  I saw Tedy flying up over the top to pull guys apart... who say's my man is "undersized"?  He looked like Spiderman up there...LOL!
      TIDBITS: Defense took another lap today...  Antowain has been looking strong and consistent (lots of people are inquiring...)  Klecko is being tried in all different postions. Faulk is becoming a crowd favorite, Givens looks great most every day, Stai practiced today, Centers not in the house yet....
      That's about it for now... double session tomorrow so I better hit the hay!
      Mrs. B (thanks to the nice woman who introduced herself today and thanked me for my posts!)
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