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Mrs. B's Annual Training Camp Report 7/28 AM

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  • Karen
    Due to a shortage of time, here s the Cliff Notes version of my TC report. Camp was the least crowded today of all the days that we ve been allowed on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2003
      Due to a shortage of time, here's the Cliff Notes' version of my TC report.  Camp was the least crowded today of all the days that we've been allowed on the regular practice area.  I met up with my good buddy Zip and his Chick Magnet, Ostend and we sat on the 30 in the front row so I had a good vantage point.  Wolfie joined us later (coming from work).  Guys were in full pads and it was a full contact practice. 
      Here are  the tidbits....
      Ty Law participated fully, although he wore sweats and a practice type jersey rather than a regular uniform.  Givens stood out again today.  Deion missed a long Brady bomb ... he was wide open but dropped it. (Not something that I've seen much of from him throughout camp.)  Chatham and Hamilton each had a deflection.  Baxter had a nice play today...(he's been very consistent).  Antowain's looking strong and made some good catches.  Klecko played DT in the 4-3 and Seymour was on the inside.  Ty Law almost got a pick and the crowd was glad to see him back in action. Wilson and Harris both got beat on deep balls today... twice.
      At one point there were too few defensive men on the field (Don Davis blew it I think) , Tedy called time out, but it was too late... Belichick was ripped, blew the whistle and yelled "Take a Lap!"  That was the first one I've seen this year so far.  (Wait till guys start fumbling the snap, or going offsides... the big boys will be hoofing around the field for sure.)  Officials were on the field again today but didn't stop the play.
      The worse part of the day for me was when My Man went down injured.  Tedy ended up on the ground, took awhile to get up then hobbled over to the sidelines favoring his knee.    He shook it out a bit but did participate for the remainder of the practice.  Hopefully, it's nothing at all.. but you know me... overprotective, mother-hen that I am......  He did finish practice then even spent extra time on the field working with his unit long after practice ended, so hopefully he's 100%. 
      After practice, Adam, Lonie, Ken Walter, and Pope signed but of course Brady went over to the ropes drawing all the screaming girls as well..... Jacob went over with his football, and got some signatures while Zip, Wolfie and I waited for the crowd to disburse.  We had a nice lunch and will be heading back out tonight for the stadium practice.
      Mrs. B.... ( who, for the first time wasn't approached by ANY fellow fans recognizing Mrs. B.....  LOL!!)
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