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Mrs. B's Annual Training Camp Report 7/26

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  • Karen
    Today s practice was hot and sunny. Sitting on the metal bleachers in the blazing sun, I felt like a sausage frying in a pan. (Fair skinned folks take
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          Today's practice was hot and sunny.  Sitting on the metal bleachers in the blazing sun, I felt like a sausage frying in a pan.  (Fair skinned folks take note.... there is ZERO shade at TC.)  I've been blessed with olive skin but actually broke out the sunscreen today myself (need to keep that 29 year old skin in good shape...LOL!!)   Each time we show up, they've tweeked the logistical problems more and more.  For instance, they've started filling the bleachers one section  at a time to insure that there aren't many wasted spots, they've allowed the fans to collect autographs on the "grassy knoll" one unit at a time in addition to sending some big name folks down to the Fleet area near the proshop to lure most of the crowd away.  (Yesterday was Brady and Harrison plus others) and I heard that Adam was down there this morning.  I stayed behind at the field where the Oline signed today ala Bryant College and there wasn't any pushing and shoving.
          Dena from Zip's list recognized me today and called me over.  We spent most of the practice sitting around the 30 allowing me better sights than yesterday, although I was antsy sitting there and I did more yapping today than at other sessions.   The guys practiced in full pads and had quite a bit of contact going today.  Ty Law partially participated today... He had on a jersey but sweats and no regular pads.  He did the drills but didn't do the contact stuff on the field.  O-T-I-S, Willie and others were still working with trainers in the far field.  Pleasant wasn't dressed again but it could be due to BB's AARP Rest Program....
      I'm short of time and memory, so I'll just post some highlights.  The start of practice brought kickoff returns to our section of the field.  B. Johnson, Wilson, Redmond and Faulk took the reps.  They worked on the running game in front of us for awhile.  Smith and Faulk got through a few times and the crowd went wild... Of course, there's mixed feelings there.... Great for the Pats Offense but BAD for the D!  It's no secret where my loyalties lie, so I tend to groan when that happens while the crowd around me cheers...  Can't wait until REAL football!! 
      When the full squad was on the field later, Eugene Wilson intercepted a pass intended for Graham and took it to the house, raising the crowds' enthusiasm, however during punt returns he let one slip right between his hands drawing some noise of another fashion.  He and Asante Samuel are enjoying lots of reps thanks to the status of the "walking wounded" vets.  I'd much rather see everybody on the field, thank you very much!
      Rohan Davey connected with Deion Branch for a long TD pass.  I reported last year that Deion was the REAL DEAL and told him that this week, to which he responded... (insert southern accent here...) "Gee, Maam, I certainly appreciate that... and maam,  I'll be living up to that, I certainly will!"  Patten has been right on the money all through camp ... he caught a long ball from Brady (I think... or was it Huard; gosh, I really SHOULD take notes, especially without Big Al to help me remember...) 
      Givens saw a lot of action today again but had a bit of the dropsies.... I can't remember much else for today... of course I got a bit distracted watching the REAL Mrs. Bruschi playing with her two cute mini #54's on the hill in the family section.  (You know how we mothers are when we see babies... can't help but oooh and ahhhh....!)
      After practice Jacob had Compton sign a nice picture that Al took yesterday and he asked if he could have it for his fiance. Jacob produced a double for him to take and he was quite appreciative. He also had Woody sign his page of the new calendar.   Since there was a lot of family in the family area, they didn't allow any fans to go over on that side today, so I just waited for Jacob to finish... I could see Tedy playing on the grass with his wife and two sons and of course that brought  a smile to my face.  "Airhorn Guy" (the equipment manager, John) was wallking by so I had him deliver the AWESOME closeup of Tedy that Al took yesterday for Heidi to take home.  (I won't be posting that gem on my website because it's THAT beautiful and I'm being selfish..... However, I think Heidi deserves a copy, don't you?? LOL!!)
      Mrs. B (who caught the announcement that they are changing the hours tomorrow to 10:30-12:00 instead of 9-11.)
      Just can't get enough Bruschi?
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