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Mrs. B's Annual Training Camp Report 7/15

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  • Karen
    The SUN!!! Now this is REAL TC weather..... Anticipating a huge crowd, we headed out early for camp again... the website said lots would open at 1:00 for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2003
      The SUN!!!  Now this is REAL TC weather.....  Anticipating a huge crowd, we headed out early for camp again... the website said lots would open at 1:00 for the 2:30 practice but when we got there it was clear that they had been open for awhile. The Patriot's Experience park was mobbed with kids already.  We parked in the "empty" season ticket/club seat lot again and sparked the grill in true Patsfan fashion.  (Sausages, Sam Adams and Bruschi Brew were on the menu today..)  If you are a season ticket holder, be sure to bring the ID card with you to gain access to that lot and the reserved section of the bleachers.  (Although, that section isn't the greatest IMO.... It's near the endzone and too far away from the action for me.)
      Camp was mobbed today (as I expected) and the bleachers and "grassy knoll" filled quickly.  I'm having a bit of a hard time dealing with being stuck in one place as I'm used to being able to walk all the way around to watch whatever unit I want.  My LBs always seem to working in the far corner of the other field during drills so I don't get any close up pictures or any inside scoops.  Plus, there are a lot of kids going up and down and people talking, etc... I used to hang along the sidelines away from the crowd and NEVER went into the bleachers at Bryant. 
      I did have the pleasure of meeting a couple of fellow "fan-attics" today... Wolfie (Zip's list) picked me out of the crowd, as did John (patssox23 from patsfans.com) and Peg from Patriotsplanet.  The Bruschi jersey is the dead give away!! It was great to hook up with people who share my passion...
      Enough of that stuff... on to the practice.  We were the furthest away from the action than we've ever been so I didn't get much today...  This afternoon was full pads.  WMG, O-T-I-S, Ty Law, Womack, and McCrary still weren't dressed  and worked with trainers (Andruzzi and some others as well,  but we know their story). Pfifer and Christain Fauria weren't dressed either this afternoon, but I think I read somewhere that veterans may be sitting out for a practice on a rotating basis.... Not sure if that was the case but I think so. Fauria spent lots of time with Bavarro talking today. 
      My memory is fuzzy, so I'll just give the Tidbits.......  The play of the day was a long completion from Brady to Branch with Milloy covering.  Bethel Johnson, Asante Samuel and Eugene Wilson did some kickoff returns today along with the usual crew of  Branch, Pass, Faulk, etc.  David Givens was on FIRE again and even made a diving catch in the endzone drawing a rise from the crowd and his teammates, as well!    Deion Branch was also hot stuff again (and is one of the most polite people I think I have ever met, btw.)  Fred Baxter has been consistently showing his stuff.  Heavy Hitter Harrison put another lick on Troy Brown causing him to drop the ball.  That's not the first hard hit that he's laid on Troy.  As an aside... someone told me they heard Seymour on WEEI talking about his scuffle with Light the other day, saying that it was just football...ironically, they are roommates and had just gone out for breakfast that morning. 
      At one point in camp the entire group huddled up  for  meeting... it wasn't good news as practice ran over by 45 minutes. (Tedy later told me that they kept messing up so they had to repeat two periods. While they were rerunning those plays another group ran sprints in the other field.)  They did some two minute drills at the end and they looked good, so I guess their chewing out worked.  Antwan Harris made an nice INT in tight coverage.
      Because camp ended late and they announced that Brady (along with others) would be signing near the proshop, the crowd thinned pretty fast.  One of the guards noticing my Bruschi attire, gave me the heads up that Linebackers would be signing along the ropes at the grassy area as well. The folks that stayed around hit the jackpot... but we had nothing to sign except for a picture that I took with Tedy.  My Man came over and spent a minute talking with us and signed my picture.  Al was able to take some nice "Bryant College Caliber" photos of the guys at that time!!  
      Jarvis Green was sitting on the grass with his family, and introduced me to them . (We know him from our favorite wing joint but haven't seen him in a couple of months. ) We wished him well, and Al had two pictures left on his roll of film so he took a couple family pics for him so we could get the roll developed tonight. 
      I'm heading out with my little guy tomorrow, as Al is working tonight and will be home sleeping..... AM practice is 9-11 and they predict nice weather again!  If anyone thinks they see me... don't be shy!!
      Mrs. B. (who is now in the possession of such an AWESOME close up of her man that she's going to covet it and not even post it to the website....
      I will give a copy to the REAL Mrs. Bruschi, however!)
      Just can't get enough Bruschi?
      Visit www.patriotworld.com and
      check out TotallyTedy!
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