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My Draft Analysis

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  • John Warren
    I didn t get upset (well just a little), I didn t want to jump off a bridge, and I actually think BB and Pioli did a pretty good job, especially on day 2. They
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      I didn't get upset (well just a little), I didn't want
      to jump off a bridge, and I actually think BB and
      Pioli did a pretty good job, especially on day 2.

      They were forced to take Warren with the incredible
      run on DL in this draft. 16 were taken in the 1st
      round. He was the last of the NT type DT's. Funny
      thing we find out after the draft that he played all
      the DL and some project him at DE rather than DT. All
      the negative talk about him being lazy and out of
      shape will motivate him. However, he doesn't seem too
      intelligent or a very polished speaker.

      Wilson and Johnson were considered by some to be
      reaches. Not me! Wilson was one of the best cover
      corners in the draft. Rich Gosselin of the Dallas
      Morning News (and the king of drfat selections) had
      Wilson going in the 1st round. Johnson was rocketing
      up the draft boards around the league the last few
      weeks. He is very fast, but the knock is that he
      drops too many passes. Solid picks

      Its day two that can make a or break a draft. I
      jumped off my seat with the Klecko pick. He is a high
      motor guy, gives 100% all the time, Big East Defensive
      Player of the Year (Not Joseph or McDougle of Miami).
      The fans are going to love this guy. I don't care
      about his lack of size, he is a player. Don't be
      surprised to see him pushing for playing time. What a
      motivator for Warren too. Asante Samuel I knew a
      little about, but not too sure about him. He can
      return punts and that is something they are looking
      for. Dan Koppen was an excellent pick too. He was
      listed as a top 100 pick on many draft boards
      (especially Rich Gosselin). They need a backup
      center, especially with Grey Reugamer gone. If I was
      Mike Compton, I would be worried about a job, never
      mind starting.

      Kliff Kingsbury pick surprised me because I didn't
      think we needed to draft a QB. I didn't realize what
      a great college career he had. He is similar to Brady
      in size and arm strength. He is very good at the 2
      minute/spread offense.

      Spencer Nead pick I don't understand either. Why do
      they need an old (went on a religious mission for 3
      years after HS) and only played two years of major
      college football.

      Tully Banta-Cain is an intriguing pick. Could be a
      very effective outside pass rusher and might be moved
      to LB (like Bruschi). I have heard rumors about some
      off field problems that may indicate why he lasted so

      Ethan Kelley I know nothing about, other than he
      played NT after switching from OG. He has started for
      four years at Baylor and missed only one game. I saw
      one report that said he had 72 tackles from the NT
      position last year which is incredibly high. If so,
      why haven't we heard of him before?

      Draft Grade B+ (add in the picks for next year and its
      an A+)

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