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Patriot Top Ten Specific Needs

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  • PatriotZip <patriotzip@yahoo.com>
    Well not only am I back but I ve begun to work on my free agency expectations, desires, possibilities and realities list. One thing which would augment this
    Message 1 of 31 , Feb 14, 2003
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      Well not only am I back but I've begun to work on my free agency
      expectations, desires, possibilities and realities list. One thing
      which would augment this particularly well would be a fine tuning of
      the top 10 specific needs for the Patriots. By specific I speak of
      personell. I know the Patriots need to improve at stopping the run
      from their front four. The specific needs are one defensive end and
      one defensive tackle in my opinion. Sure we could use two ends and a
      tackle but that's ideal and I'm hoping to address need in this
      breakdown. Whether it will be handled in the draft or otherwise is
      another matter. So I list the offensive and defensive starters and
      note whether they need replacement and potentially the severity of
      this need. There are specialists on each of these groups which I do
      not directly address in the listing but welcome in the evalutation.

      QB - Tom Brady
      RB - Antowain Smith
      FB - Marc Edwards
      C - Damien Woody
      RG - Joe Andruzzi
      LG - Mike Compton
      RT - Kenyatta Jones/Greg Robinson-Randall
      LT - Matt Light
      TE - Daniel Graham, Christian Fauria
      WR - Troy Brown
      WR - David Patten

      We Must upgrade our Left Tackle. This could happen by Light
      improving (unlikely IMO) or by Klemm emerging as he is a better fit
      (also less likely). Action Expected.

      We have a HIGH Need to improve at the Running Back position which can
      happen by Antowain having a resurgence, Faulk surging, Womack
      emerging or a new acquisition. The latter is most likely. Action

      We have a MEDIUM need to improve at right guard. The
      inconsistency/injury of Joe Andruzzi has been challenging especially
      with the higher inconsistency of Reugemer and company as his
      replacement. Action Likely.

      We have a MEDIUM need for another wide receiver who can stretch the
      field as a legitimate threat. Hayes failed and all indications are
      he will not fit within this system. Branch is an excellent Troy
      Brown in training but doesn't have this role and Patten fell off a
      fair bit this year. Action expected.

      DE - Anthony Pleasant
      DT - Richard Seymour
      DT - Open really (Holsey)
      DE - Bobby Hamilton
      * McGinest who is cap challenged may play at an end in some situations
      OLB - Roman Phifer
      ILB - Tedy Bruschi
      ILB - Ted Johnson
      OLB - Mike Vrabel
      CB - Ty Law
      CB - Otis Smith/Leonard Myers
      SS - Lawyer Milloy
      FS - Tebucky JOnes

      We MUST upgrade a Defensive Tackle. Steve Martin failed and all the
      others were of little consequence. Seymour needs a solid run stopper
      beside him. Seymour's possible move intensifies this need. Expect

      We have a MUST upgrade at one Defensive End position. Pleasant and
      Lyle fell off the charts and while Hamilton is acceptable with
      McGinest, there is simply a glaring weakness at the other Defensive
      End. Expect Action.

      We have a HIGH need to upgrade a linebacker position. The most
      likely scenario moves a solid performer into the middle and frees
      Tedy Bruschi to move outside. Phifer is slowing and probably needs
      to become a full roleplayer. Vrabele can function fine. Another
      option is for a solid OLB and keeping Tedy in the middle but this is
      not ideal IMO. Expect Action

      We have a low need at free safety since Tebucky's status is
      undetermined. Harris might fill in his role but that would weaken
      the team some margin though potentially negligably as Jones' Mental
      game has enough problems to overcome his physical tools. Action

      We have a medium need at corner. Otis is aging solidly and Myers
      would need to have an emergence though he does show some signs of
      promise. Action possible.
    • George R
      ... ***** But don t forget the further clarification of my ... ***** Sure, I d like to see improvement at LB, OLT, CB, RB, WR, FS, OG, and even FB. But I truly
      Message 31 of 31 , Feb 21, 2003
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        --- "PatriotZip <patriotzip@...>"
        <patriotzip@...> wrote:
        > George said:
        > "Would anybody be upset if BB added 3 DLmen; say 2 DEs
        > and a DT? I doubt it."
        > It would depend upon what those choices left us for
        > 'other' holes. Those are not our only issues and if we go
        > three picks there and don't resolve any or even enough of

        > the other problems then YES I'd be upset.

        ***** But don't forget the further clarification of my
        point on that, Zip, as follows:

        > > ***** Lots of opportunities for improvement, that's for
        > > certain. Yet, as I've said, I believe we can be a
        > > contender for the SB without a major overhaul in our
        > > starting 22.
        > > I still say that adding 3 high quality players to our
        > > defensive front 7, from either source, even if those
        > > were the only changes in our starting lineup, would
        > > improve this team enough to give us a very real shot at
        > > our second Lombardi.

        ***** Sure, I'd like to see improvement at LB, OLT, CB, RB,
        WR, FS, OG, and even FB. But I truly believe that creating
        a dominating front 7 can get us a SB win. So, while I'd be
        a bit disappointed if we only added starting quality
        players at 3 front 7 positions, I wouldn't be greatly

        ** N E Patriots ....
        Last AFC World Champions! **
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