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  • George R
    ***** There are a couple of current issues that have my attention. The first one is Patriots related, and painful for me. ***** Ted Johnson has been one of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2003
      ***** There are a couple of current issues that have my
      attention. The first one is Patriots' related, and painful
      for me.

      ***** Ted Johnson has been one of my favorite Pats players
      since the day he got here. I still love his aggressive,
      hard-nosed play, and run-stopping ability. But his
      contribution level is nowhere near his salary level. I
      agree with Miguel that, unless he takes an inconceivable
      pay cut, the cap savings to be realized by his release are
      too valuable to us to overlook. Unless he'll take a cut
      that will save us about as much cap room, he has to go for
      the good of the team.

      ***** The incredibly complex issue of hiring practices is
      very difficult for me. I was born and raised in the bigots
      capital of America, Southie. The hatred that surrounded me
      there was a significant part of the reason I left. But
      there is no doubt in my mind that bigotry exists, in
      varying degrees, and will always exist all over this great
      country; and, yes, among every group of people, such as NFL
      owners and GMs. Not that I think it's "inborn" in humans. I
      don't believe that. Children don't "instinctively" hate or
      distrust those of another color, anymore than puppies and
      kittens do so. But, as humans experience some of the ups
      and downs of life, instinct does drive us to seek ways to
      identify potential sources of danger or trouble. The
      easiest answer is always "somebody different." Only
      education and personal positive experience with such
      "different" people can make us realize that race is not a
      determinant of the intelligence, talent, or capacity for
      good and evil in any man.

      ***** That said, we have to recognize that the most
      important factor in a successful business team is the
      relationship among its leaders. Such relationships cannot
      be forced. They cannot be dictated by another leader, or
      legislated by Congress. They come from within the
      individuals involved.

      ***** Several years after I had been hired by a man who
      was, by that time, one of my best friends in life, we got
      into a discussion about that hiring. I was about to hire a
      person for a management position under me, and I noted the
      fact that I felt most "comfortable" with a particular
      candidate, who happened to be black. I was the Materials
      Manager, and the position was Purchasing Manager. I'd be
      working on strategy, and large purchase decisions with this
      person on a daily basis. It was, IMO, critical that we have
      similar personalities to ensure that we'd operate at
      maximum efficiency. My boss then told me that the same
      "comfort" issue was the deciding factor for him when he
      hired me over the other two final candidates several years
      earlier. In that case, all 3 were white.

      ***** Well, the same is true for the NFL HC position. I
      think that "comfort" between the leaders of the
      organization is a very important factor which cannot be
      forced. It is most unfortunate that race is sometimes a
      major factor in determining the comfort level of some of
      these leaders with some candidates. I wish with all my
      heart that it were not ever so. But it is. And we cannot
      ever change what is already within the heart and mind of a
      mature adult.

      ***** I favored intergration of children in all lower grade
      schools. I still do. It is at that age where we must stop
      the development and growth of racial prejudice. But, just
      as strongly, I oppose any legislation that tries to force a
      business, club, or any adult organization into accepting
      people BECAUSE they are of a different color, race,
      religion, or sex than the majority of people in that
      organization. Quotas, in any guise, are wrong, IMO.

      ***** Public access is a totally different issue. All
      people in this country have a right to all public venues
      and facilities. But privately owned and operated
      organizations should have the right to choose their
      membership on any criteria they wish to apply, regardless
      of the morality or humanity behind that decision.

      ***** It is my firm belief that those who choose to exclude
      an entire category of people because of issues of color,
      race, religion, or sex will ultimately fail in a
      competitive world. Because those who do not do so will
      certainly develop a more talented membership. That,
      combined with the reduction of prejudice to an
      insignificant vice through education and integration of the
      young, will get this country to the place where it belongs.

      ** N E Patriots ....
      Last AFC World Champions! **
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