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RE: Re: [patriotzip] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Tampa)

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  • frankdanabrewster
    Ah, I missed that minor detail. Thanks! Frank ... The list is regular season only. If Denver wins 13 more Peyton will be at +99 while Tom should be at least at
    Message 1 of 21 , Sep 25, 2013

      Ah, I missed that minor detail. Thanks!



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      The list is regular season only.
       If Denver wins 13 more Peyton will be at +99 while Tom should be at least at +105


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      Manning will not catch Brady this year. If the Pats were to go 12-4 this year, that's 9-4 from here on out, or +5. Brady's differential will be +105. If the Ponies go undefeated, and win the SB (wash my mouh out with soap), that will be +16 from here on out, putting Manning's differential at +102.


      Fascinating that they may be the only two to be over +100 for many years to come. Brees will probably never get there, and no other active QB is even over +30!



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      Thanks so much! I printed the list out—I love to look over lists and ponder them.


      Peyton is going to tie Brady this year because, according to the papers, it’s Broncos and no one else is even in the same ballpark.

      Oh, but if it’s only regular season then he’ll fall one short by season’s end with 13 more victories and he needs 14.

      They aren’t going to lose at all and the football elves are hard at work fixing the Lombari with the Broncos name and the MVP with Peyton.

      So, the rest of us Cinderellas might as well stay home from the ball. (of course we know how Cinderella ended…)


      DEEP breath---I need you guys to tell me to stop believing everything I read in those sports pages…lol!

      I get all flustered and flap around in circles…sigh.


      ALSO, Farve might catch Brady as well because I read a rumor that he might come back from the dead.




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      Oh, here's the link to the article again, if anyone is interested.





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      Here's the top 10. All retired except Brady and Manning. The next active player is Brees with 32.


      • Tom Brady – 139-39 (+100)
      • Peyton Manning – 156-70 (+86)
      • Brett Favre – 186-112 (+74)
      • Joe Montana – 117-47 (+70)
      • John Elway – 148-82-1 (+66)
      • Terry Bradshaw – 107-51 (+56)
      • Roger Staubach – 85-29 (+56)
      • Johnny Unitas – 118-64-4 (+54)
      • Dan Marino – 147-93 (+54)
      • Daryle Lamonica – 66-16-6 (+50)


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      I heard it on the nfl channel, dont recall who was next.


      The BrewGnat

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      That stat is awesome, isn’t it?

      Did you post that earlier?

      Who is the next in line for the wins over losses?


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      You missed one good Dave, Brady now has 100 more wins than losses.


      The BrewGnat

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      The Good

      • It’s never bad to be 3 and 0.
      • The youngin’s looked much better than they did last week.  Dobson and Thompkins were both getting open with regularity.  Clutch catches and 3rd down conversions were a welcome sight.  Only 1 drop from what I saw.
      • Edelman continues to impress.  Can he stay healthy with this much playing time.  I also don’t want it to affect his punt return ability.  He is a stud there and we can’t afford to lose that field position.
      • Nice to see Bolden get some chances.  He looked really good out there.
      • Blount ran strong against his old team.  He sucked up most of the time on the final drive by himself.
      • The OL looked better but not great.  They still need some time to get on track.
      • The D continues to impress.  We didn’t miss many tackles and I only saw 1 or 2 real bad breakdowns in coverage.
      • Talib is a really good player and was in position on almost every play.  He was out jumped for one reception and just missed another.  He is a good player for us.  The pick created 3 points.
      • After the Talib pick, we ran the offence to perfection.  Knowing we were at a 57 yard field goal attempt with 6 seconds on the clock, we couldn’t run a real play.  The Brady sneak bought us another 4 yards to make it a much more manageable try.  Tampa was completely confused.
      • Nice to see Chandler Jones continuing from last year.  He looks strong and fast.
      • Great to hear that the other 50 signed a 3 year extension to stay with us for a while.  Not a bad scrap heap pickup.
      • The fake double handoff to the screen was a brilliant design.  Wonderful fakes and great blocking.
      • Hooman’s effort to get the first down was outstanding.  He’s not the most gifted athlete but he is a dependable player, especially in the H-back position as a blocker.
      • 51 games with a TD pass for Brady.  I’d like to see him get the record.


      The Bad

      • We need Washington to get healthy as I can’t take Blount to much more.  We don’t need a plodder back there. We need someone with some speed.  Could Bolden take over as he has some burst.  He was back there but as the up back. 
      • TB missed a couple of wide open guys.  He forced the ball to a double covered Sudfeld when both Edelman and Dobson were wide open deep after the play fake.  Would have been an easy 7.  He also missed a wide open Dobson in the end zone by throwing it ahead and to the ground.  The pick in the end zone was terrible.  Don’t know where he was going on that one.  Not his greatest game by far.
      • We certainly didn’t start the game out well on O.  Three consecutive series with a punt. 
      • Why did we go for it on 4th and 6 with 4 minutes to go?  Take the FG and get the extra points.  Yes we were up 3 scores but you never know in this league.
      • The league needs to get rid of kickoffs.  They don’t serve any purpose when most go through the end zone. Place the ball at the 20 and call it good.  My son’s suggestion was to make it a penalty to kick it out of the back of the end zone.  That would work too.


      The Ugly

      • Forgot to mention this last week.  If anyone was watching the FOX games but in the middle of the Washington game, the ticker got screwed up and started calling everyone Griffin.  Payton Griffin, Ray Griffin, Arian Griffin.  That lasted about a couple of minutes then they took the ticker down completely.




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