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Re: What I am looking for in tonights game

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  • frankdanabrewster
    You hit on some very good points, Mark. I m most interested in the defense, in general. I ve become more comfortable with the feeling that the offense will be
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      You hit on some very good points, Mark. I'm most interested in the defense, in general. I've become more comfortable with the feeling that the offense will be pretty effective, barring injury to TB (and the O-line). I think the improving run game will take a little pressure off Brady and the young receivers, giving them more time to acclimate. O-line health bothers me right now.

      Will be good to see how much pressure we can apply to the QBs, as well as how the secondary does in coverage. Fortunately, we don't face a top-flight QB until week 4 against Atlanta. Not that Ryan is elite, but he's pretty good. Gives us a little time to improve. How stout will our revamped line do against the run. How much 4-3 do we use vs. 3-4.

      I like your positional battles. I think WR is pretty much settled, at this point. Can Bolden reassert himself. Also, interesting to see how the D-line shakes out.

      Under the radar they signed another TE, rookie Evan Landi, a pass catching TE out of South Florida. Highlight films are just that - highlights - but he shows good hands. USF used him set wide quite a bit. Just another body to watch.

      And then there's Tebow...


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, Mark Morse <packy001@...> wrote:
      > 1.        Ryan Malletts play â€" if anything came from this week’s scare with Tom Brady, its how vulnerable we are if Brady goes down.  I want to see Mallett stand tall and take command of the offense.
      > 2.       Running Game â€" I know we had a good running game last year but this will be a real test going up against one of the premier run stopping defenses.  I loved the 3 and 4 TE sets we had last week.  Daniel Fells had a good game but won’t see the field tonight.  WE featured a lot of 2 TE sets with Ballard and Sudfeld. 
      > 3.       Secondary Play â€" Duron Harmon and Logan Ryans are coming on.  I want to see improved play from the secondary.  During the joint practices the secondary embarrassed Josh Freeman.  Vincent Jackson is still a premiere receiver because of his size and a matchup with Talib will be interesting.  I saw  breakdown of the Desean Jackson TD from last week  and the narrator praised Talib for using the correct technique.  BB and the narrator both said it was just a perfectly thrown ball.
      > 4.       Rookie Receivers â€" I want to see consistency from these players.  We know they can play!  Look for Sudfeld to be split out wide like Hernandez did.  Thompkins reminds me of Hernandez (especially with the number 85, his original number).  Gets open in that short space.  He gets off the LOS so easily.
      > 5.    Position Battles â€" Blount / Bolden; Beauharnais / Tarpinian/Rivera; Mesko/Allen
      > Mark Morse
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