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  • Susan Moore
    Thanks for answering..sometimes I just need some discussion, but I ll let it go after this! That s fascinating about the security staffs being lead by ex-FBI
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 28, 2013

      Thanks for answering….sometimes I just need some discussion, but I’ll let it go after this!


      That’s fascinating about the security staffs being lead by ex-FBI agents—wow! Guess that does make sense…


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      I'm sure they did the right thing, Susan. I would imagine there were terms in his contract requiring him to keep his nose clean, and they wouldn't tolerate ANY issues of this nature. I'm also confident that they knew a lot more about the details of the investigation than we did, as it progresses.

      Brian Billick was discussing it, saying that the security staffs of the various teams are lead primarily by ex-FBI agents. They are in constant contact with authorities (as is the league) during these events. The Pats knew what was going down long before we did. The best thing was to cut ties now, to avoid further distractions when the team reconvenes in July.


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